Where is my Wallet? | 9 Ways To Do

We all have asked that question many times in our lives. You have misplaced your wallet and you are running late. It is a nightmare situation that can really drive you crazy.

You may find yourself spending even hours looking for your wallet, tearing the whole house down, but the harder you go the less likely you are going to find it.

So take it ease and follow this guide to find your lost wallet:

Where is my Wallet ?

1. First thing, relax


They say it is always calm at the center of storm. So if you misplace your wallet, relax, close your eyes and deep-breath a few times. Take at least thirty seconds to regain your focus, and then start searching for your wallet again. It has been shown that controlling your breath is the best way to decrease anxiety and stress while increasing your focus. This method is used by Navy SEAL, and if it works for them, you are sure it will also work for you.

2. Focus on context

Start recounting what you were doing or wearing the last time you had your bifold. Instead of asking yourself where you last saw your wallet, check the pants or the jacket you were wearing the day before.

3. Check the most likely places you could have dropped your wallet


Check underneath or on top of your dresser, or in your gym bag, which are common places where you could have left your wallet.

4. Search without destroying

Don’t start tearing your cushions in the name of searching for your wallet. Start slowly and calmly, from one room to the next. Moving things carefully and in a systematic manner, so that you can access underneath objects that could hide your wallet. Turning everything upside down will just reduce your likelihood of finding the wallet, though you may bump into it in the chaos still.

5. Call the restaurant or the bar

It might not even be in your house; if you can’t find it in your car, or office, consider calling the last establishment you visited last night. Don’t weight to be called by the bar or the restaurant; they probably don’t have time for that.

6. Cancel your cards

Lost your credit card

If you are sure your wallet is lost, cancel all your bank cards, credit cards, and debit cards. However, this will affect your credit score. Alternatively, call your bank and tell them you lost your cards or were stolen. Your account will remain active but the money will be frozen. And your credit score will be safe.

7. Report to the authorities

One of the common mistakes many people make is assume that the police have important things to do than listening to your stolen wallet case.

While they will not go full blown undercover searching for your wallet, by reporting the loss of theft, you will be providing evidence in case you suffer from identity theft or fraud.

The authority will ask you few questions including:

  • Where and when you realized you lost your wallet
  • The contents of your wallet when you lost it
  • Overview of the wallet
  • Any suspect you think, provide description.

8. Change the locks of your doors if you also lost the keys

This is quite important. Even if your wallet was returned with everything intact, someone could have copied the keys.

In fact, many break ins happens like this; someone steals your wallet, copy the key, write down your address from your DL, and then hand it off to the authorities.

9. If you still can’t find it, get a new one

Well, what else can you do? Just buy a new wallet and let life go on.

Measures to take to soften the blow of a lost wallet

While this article is about steps to take after you have lost your wallet, we can also help you control the damages in case you lose your wallet again in future.

1. Just carry the essentials in your wallet

There is no need of carrying all your debit and credit cards. Just carry the card you use most of the times and leave the rest at home. Avoid having your passwords, phone number, addresses, or any other personal information in your wallet.

2. Photocopy of scan everything in your wallet

Scan or photocopy things that are important and you are carrying in your wallet and store them in your computer or the clouds. This will help you know everything that has been lost with your wallet and the numbers to call.

3. Use “Lost Wallet” App

where is my wallet ( App Finder )

New technology is trying to help human being solve all problems they face day-to-day, and that includes a lost wallet. There are many apps, some of which are free, that you can install in your smartphone. These apps store the information of everything that is in your wallet as well as emergency numbers that you can call directly from your phone. Tape ( Where is My Wallet ) in App Store or Play Store 🙂

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