What Makes a Man Fall in Love and Commit ?

A successful committed relationship doesn’t have a magic formula. Many ladies think that they have to be something extraordinarily special to make a man fall in love and commit. But it is normal to feel this way. The feeling when you start seeing a new man sometimes can be blinding.

Maybe you have thoses questions in your head:

what makes a man commit?

how to make a man fall in love with you?

Women are subtle creatures and don’t show their feelings directly unlike men. But deep down, when you find a new man, you can’t stop but wonder what makes a man fall in love, and stay. Maybe you have experienced so many broken relationships in the past, and now you anxious even as your new relationship is going on well.

Every relationship will be different, but there are things that you can do in your relationship that can make him fall deeply in love and most importantly, stay.

Let us start with what makes a man fall in love.

Man Fall In Love

What makes a man fall in love?

1) The whole of you

When a man truly falls in love, it is usually because of things like your personality, looks, voice, laughter, and so on – the whole package. If a man is a captivated by your entirety, he is bound to fall in love with you and eventually stay.

2) He is ready

Women and men have a different approach when it comes to commitment. Women have been found to easily commit because they are in love, but with men, love is usually not enough to make him commit. A man can commit to a long-term relationship if he feels ready. Men want to reach a certain status before they can commit to a relationship; maybe a certain level of income, career point, or age.

So when a man is ready, he is ready. But when he is not, even your love won’t change him.

3) He is appreciated and respected

These are the two most important things to a man; respect and appreciation. It helps them develop confidence and self-esteem.

Respect and appreciation are what constitutes love to men, and so when you show them these two qualities, you will be already speaking his love language.

4) You are independent

While men want to feel they are the main source of joy to you, I can be a turn off if he is the only source of happiness in your life. If you want to make a man fall in love with you, you need to have your own life. No man wants to be saddled with a needy woman. A man easily commits to a woman who owns her worth and is passionate about her life goals.

5) He is sure that he can make you happy

Being honest about what you want in the relationship will allow your man to understand where he comes in and contribute to your happiness. Men are typically goal-oriented, and so knowing that they can make you happy can make them commit to the relationship long-term. This also requires that you set rules and boundaries in the relationship. Providing a clear roadmap will tell you where your fence is.

6) Keeping things light and fun

The best way to make a man commit is to make the commitment look at something that will be whimsical and fun. So ensure every time he is around you do something fun. Once a man associates you with fun things, he will easily commit.

7) Embracing his friends

There is a place for you in his life and there is also the place of his friend in his life. You should find a way to get along with his friends, if for nothing else, at least to get approval from them. If his friends think you are rude and annoying, your man might run from you.

8) Stop talking about commitment

Avoid talking about your future excessively. Stop stressing him with the commitment talk and let him feel like it was his idea in the first place to get into this relationship with you.

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How to nurture commitment

Commitment is something you can cultivate in a man. As pointed above, the majority of men are goal-oriented and have certain limits of achievements before they can commit. As a woman, you need to help and cultivate his commitment.

Here is how you can nurture commitment in your relationship:

Let him chase you a bit

It is the nature of men to chase things. No matter your relationship situation, as a woman, avoid being aggressive as this will make him run away. Allow the man to pursue you and see you as the only woman that he would be ecstatic to be with for the rest of his life.

Support his Goals

Helping your man achieve his goals will make him see you as someone who he can count on for the rest of his life. Encourage his potential and grow together

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