What Foods Make You Taller ?

Your height is one of the most important aspects of your personality. An appropriate height can help you look good and may even help you get certain jobs like modeling.

In all honesty , height is relevant. In some parts of the world like the sub continent ,

the average height of a man is 5ft 6 inches where as in Scandinavian countries that is a below average.

A guy who is 5 ft 10 inches tall in Sub Continent will be considered tall whereas the same guy will be considered as having average height in Sweden.

So even though height is relevant , a height below 5 ft is considered below average in almost all parts of the world.

When we are little our body grows at a very rapid speed. We get taller as we grow. Sometimes a child might not grow as you would expect it to be.

This can happen because of genetics or any medical condition. If you feel that your child isn’t growing as much as he/she should then the most important thing you can do is change their diet.

There are certain foods that have all the necessary ingredients in them that help you stimulate growth.

Foods Make You Taller


milk and fruits

There is a reason kids are given milk in their early years. Milk is rich with calcium. Calcium is necessary for strengthening of bones and stimulating growth.

It also helps in the growth of bones. Milk is also rich with proteins and proteins are also very important for growth of a child.

You can let your kids enjoy milk and cookies at least once every day.

If your kid doesn’t like to drink milk try to set some rewards. Rewards can be anything e.g. you can tell them that you would give them a chocolate bar if they drink their glass of milk.



Well , was there any doubt that egg wouldn’t be on this list. Eggs are rich with proteins which have a huge role to play in stimulating growth in a child. It is ideal to give them eggs in breakfast. The egg can be in any form , it can be scrambled, boiled or even an omelet.


Meat is very healthy and highly rich with protein. As we have already mentioned proteins play a huge role in the growth of a child. Getting your kid to eat dishes that have chicken in them is definitely going to help your child’s growth.


Children need Vitamin A to grow. It is one of the essentials of growth. There are many fruits out there that are tasty and rich with Vitamin A. Pineapples, peaches and mangoes are few such examples.

There are many other fruits that your child will love to eat. Just make sure your kid is getting the right amount of vitamins.


Vegetables like Carrot are also high in Vitamin A. Eating carrots or giving your kids carrot juice will help them grow faster. Raw carrots are ideal as they have the highest concentration of Vitamin A in them.



Well, who doesn’t remember Popeye. Kids who grew up watching the cartoons Popeye the sailor man, know the importance of spinach. Spinach along with other green vegetables not only makes your child healthy but also helps in the growth process.

Spinach is rich with Iron which is very important for a child’s growth and strength. Like Milk, spinach is also high with calcium.

There are some of the common foods items that can help you child grow. There are many other food items available in the market that your child can consume in order to become healthy and grow taller.

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