What Does SKY DIVING Feel Like ?


Skydiving also sometimes referred to as parachuting is a new outdoor activity that’s all the rage among millennials these days, even though the earliest parachute jump dates back as old as 1797.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie and fond of other stuff like roller coasters, paragliding, deep water diving, snorkeling etc, chances are that you have already looked up this one too.

Skydiver Feeling

So what is skydiving?

It is the method of transiting from a high point,

mostly from an airplane in sky moving at constant speed of around 100mph, to the ground, with the help of gravity.

It involves the use of a parachute, to control the speed of your fall and is usually opened around the time you achieve a terminal velocity.

Humans since inception have admired and envied the birds for their ability to fly, and have tried to come up with different ideas to mimic the experience.

Skydiving could be associated with another one of these attempts.

It’s a once in a lifetime, exhilarating experience that most people these days have upon their bucket list to cross off.

Many people have tried to explain the feeling that is sky diving but unsatisfactorily so.

It’s something that is difficult to describe in words and can only truly be felt or experienced.



Those who try to pen down this experience usually opt for words such as exhilarating, intoxicating, heady, and breathtaking to describe it.

The most difficult part about the entire process of skydiving is to take the decision to do it.

All the fear that comes up with the thought of jumping off a moving plane and plunging down to what may be your prospective death is all in the head.

Once you decide to ignore those red sirens going off in your brain, everything else is easy from there on.

A lot of people are concerned before the jump if it’s going to feel like your stomach is dropping,

while in reality, it feels like hundreds of butterflies in your belly.

The feeling of stomach drop comes when you accelerate down from a speed of zero to maximum.

However when you jump from a moving plane the difference in change of your velocity is not sufficient to elicit that drop feel.

Instead, it feels as though you’re flying!

Your body feels weightless,

as if you left behind all the burdens of this world back on that plane and now you’re suspended midair, or floating among the clouds.


Some common misconceptions that people associate with skydiving is that it’d be like being on a roller coaster,

or that you won’t be able to breathe when you dive.

There’s no such thing as either.

You’re able to breathe perfectly when free falling and it feels a lot less scary than a roller coaster drop.

It’s more of a soothing, stirring, head clearing experience that does take your breath away, but not literally.

Another misconception that’s taken birth due to some dramatic cinematography is that you can talk while skydiving! This is not true either.

The noise of wind and the speed of your fall don’t allow you to hear much,

but you can always communicate with your fellow sky divers via hand actions.


All in all, skydiving is an experience that everyone should opt for at least once in their lifetime.

It’s a life altering experience and a memory that fights to keep itself alive in your mind for the remainder of your life.

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