Unhappy Marriage but Can’t Leave ?

As per many popular religions around the world, marriage is considered a sacred bond between a male and female humankind.

And the elephant is regarding all of the religious factors a marriage is basically a social purpose of giving a relationship between a man and a woman the proper recognition and the commitment towards each other between themselves to have a better life and to lead them through the light and the dark.

But again this is a bond between two different human beings. Although it may seem very much of a perfect fit at first sight but later on while sharing the entire life of himself or herself towards the other person this situation can be proved to be quite a challenging one and there are also some people who are not quite compatible with each other even after they have been married to each other for a long time.


Basically, there are two ways out of this


The first way is that get separated and the second way is that try in an efficient way and with proper effort in order to kick start the relationship once again or to fix the holes that are already existing.


Getting separated


To hundred and thousands of people, marriage holds a specific respectful position inside the social aspect.

And exactly just because of this reason a person is usually afraid to get out of an unhappy marriage but there is one thing that is usually undermined by both of the parts is in such type of marriage found and that is that in spite of having a unhappy relationship just to break it up for the benefit of both sides and having started the life once again from the beginning is rather of a more logical choice and this can also be proved to be the beneficiary between staying in the unhappy side or getting into a happy life once again.


Fixing the holes


While speaking of this stage there are a lot of things that come into play in terms of contract consideration.

Such as all those mistakes for all those little details that have made your relationship unhappy or not faithful towards each other you have to consider about all of those and think and also question yourself that are those even repairable or not.

If the answer is yes then you should go on and if the answer is no then you should probably lean on to the first option.

If you are wondering on the topic of how to fix a broken marriage then you are not the only one that has this thought in mind and also this type of relationship anxiety is affecting so many couples all around the world who promised each other to be happy together but they eventually wound up in a happy relationship.


some major factors that are yet to be taken in consideration by you is that you should probably seek help on the earlier stage when this type of situation is coming forward such as you should not probably wait for those negative emotions and behavior to build their route deeper inside out of your mind and it is also a lot easier to guide couples in developing compassion towards each other and also the communication skill.


And most of all you need to build up one single skill for yourself is that to avoid the thought of why should I do all the tough work.

It doesn’t matter if it is done by you are the party in front of you but what matters is the integrity of the relationship and if you are even worried about the integrity of your relationship then you should probably stop asking any such questions and just start doing and showing the proper efforts.

The person in front of you will automatically do his or her job perfectly if you started to do yours.

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