10 Tips for Travelling Bali – Bali Travel Tips

Bali is one of the most pleasing sites that attract travelers from all around the world regularly. Located in Indonesia, Bali is an island riddled with glamorous mountain landscapes, soothing beaches and historical temples among other attractions that pull visitors like magnet. If you are planning to visit Bali, you need to have a few tips handy on your finger tips so you can make the most out of your visit. Here are some tips for anyone who wishes go to Bali. Essential bali travel tips

Navigating Through Bali

If you happen to go to Bali, you will notice how traffic ridden the island is. If you are unable to arrange for efficient transportation you might not be able to enjoy your trip. It is recommended that you hire mopeds for traveling through the city and making it to the spots you have in mind. Mopeds are run on fuel which you can find in stores by the road easily.

Picking the Base

Your Bali trip can be largely influenced by where you choose to stay. Since the rushing traffic and hot weather can make you bail out on your plans, you can counter this problem by staying in a place which is near to the spots you have in mind. This will help you efficiently visit all the sites, diners, beaches and temples that you desire to see.

Religious & Cultural Customs

When you are planning your trip, try to look for any religious holidays or prayer days that might fall on the same dates. The holidays mean everything will be shit down. While you are on your trip, you may have to adhere to religious dress codes for visiting the temples too. Furthermore, some restaurants or other places might turn you away if they find your appearance too revealing. You can avoid this problem by calling the place prior to the visit and checking in about any dress codes.

Art of Bargaining

When you are in Bali and shopping for souvenirs or other products, you might notice that the price is different for locals and tourists for the same things. You can bargain on the price and haggle if you know how to do it efficiently. In fact, you can bargain the price at hotels and inns where you want to stay as well.

Plan Ahead

You may know about the rainy season in Bali which continues from January to April and then October to November. If you end up in Bali while the monsoon season is pouring, you might spend most of your time indoors and won’t be able to see all the places you wanted to. Therefore, plan accordingly and check for weather forecasts while you’re there.

Money Exchange

Try to steer clear of fraudulent money changers in Bali who can scam tourists that don’t know enough about the process. Instead, find an ATM and get the money directly from your own credit card. If there are some problems you can find some official and authoritative places where you can get your money changed safely.

‘Bali Belly’

A common catchphrase you will hear when you are planning your trip to Bali is ‘Bali Belly’. It refers to upset stomach and digestive system as a result of food poisoning you might catch from eating at vendors and restaurants with dodgy meals. While you want to enjoy the native meals don’t forget to take some precautionary measures when you are there.

Experience the Best

Your trip should be planned with an itinerary that encompasses the famous points like the traditional Bali dance at Uluwatu, or the picturesque view of Gilis Islands. You can also visit Katu or Canguu which are famous spots for surfing and snorkeling. Moreover, you can enjoy the breathtaking scuba diving when you are in Bali. It all depends on making a plan that will efficiently incorporate all the activities you want to do.


Stay Safe

Travelers in Bali run the risk of catching diseases from the harsh weather or getting mugged. There are a lot of things which you can prevent if you do your research ahead of the trip and ensure that you and your family will be safe during the trip.

Learn the Language

Although you don’t have to learn the entire language, it will be useful to know a few words so that you can communicate with drivers, shopkeepers, vendors, hotel owners and locals etc.

And to top it all of: relax. Your trip to Bali can be exciting and full of memorable moments if you let yourself immerse in the culturally rich experience that Bali offers to its tourists and travelers. From the traditional customs to pleasant beaches, each aspect becomes more exhilarating when you are willing to try out something different and unique from your daily life.

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