Thinking Vs Feeling |Learning the Difference

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are faced with a diverging path and they have to make a decision about which way they should go.

This is where our ability to interpret a situation comes into play and thinking vs feeling are our two options.

One may base their choices on their thinking capabilities or simply choose to follow what they feel is the right thing to do. Based on this observation, people can be generally categorized into two types: thinking vs feeling.

Here is how the two types manifest their characteristics:


thinking woman

One could argue that thinking category of people is adamant to see the world in binaries without leaving any space for grey areas.

Moreover, their decisions are based on logical calculation of situations with an objective position until they finally choose what they think is right. They do not rely on gut feeling or emotions to guide their way.

Thinking people also tend to be concise about their speech so as to eliminate anything that is useless. In other words, thinking people rely on their rational judgment and take feelings for granted.

Thinking is reliant on statistics and facts that are available to the common eye rather than plunging into the emotional side which allows one to see beyond the binaries.

Thinking, in short relies on the following elements:

  1. Strict binaries
  2. Logic
  3. Rational brainstorming


Woman Feel

Feeling is different as it relies on guts and emotions. People who are feelers might be labeled ‘sensitive’ as well because unlike logical people, they fail to provide a logical evidence for their decisions.

On the other hand, they are more considerate of others around them and offer the opportunity to everyone to express their own feelings about a certain situation.

Feelings make the margin for everyone to be comfortable in a situation.

Additionally, feeling means that one can empathize with people who are claiming something even if they are unable to provide facts.

Feeling also makes the space for people to be friendlier with others and form a community that is rather inclusive and diverse in nature.

Feeling allows the following factors to influence a decision:

1. Gut feeling
2. Emotions
3. Empathy

Thinking Vs Feeling

Thinking vs feeling can easily divide people into either thinkers or feelers. While thinkers strictly believe in logics and facts, feelers allow their emotions to guide them through life. However, one could conclude that successful people balance thinking vs emotion equally in their life.

Just as a literary critic, John Churton Collins put it:

“Half our mistakes arise from feeling where we should think, and think where we should feel.”

In hindsight, one could also establish, thinking vs feeling is a binary in itself that can impact judgment to a critical point. It is of utmost importance that one learns how to differentiate between the two in order to be able to apply them each where necessary without demeaning the other. In fact, rationality and emotions can go hand in hand.

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