Suzuki GSXR 600 : Everything You Need To Know

Also, one of the top-notch technology has been introduced by Suzuki over the years of its service. Suzuki has quite some reputation as being a Japanese company which provides one of the best powerful engines of all the world automobile market.

As launched in back 1992 Suzuki GSXR 600 was providing a water-cooled and 599 CC 4 cylinder engine and which was obviously the first model that have the same body specifications at the 1992 GSXR 750.

With the smaller engine that was able to carry over through the 1993 model with no changes and maintaining the absolute same popularity.

And of course over the years since the first launch till now the company has been continuously modifying and renewing the model with improvements and changes and as of 2019 the Suzuki GSXR 600,

and the behind it is easily able to pack us astonishing amount of thrust and horsepower with the speed of the level of 155 km hour.

Suzuki gsxr 600 price

as per the beastly machine that it is Suzuki has been providing one of the best lines of engine productions in term of motorcycle manufacturing.

The quality and the heavy-duty performance is never to be undermined about this company as Suzuki has been dealing with bike engines almost a hundred years now.

As of the most popular model that was launched in 2017 Suzuki GSXR has priced somewhere around 22,000 to 23000 US dollars.

GSXR 600 weight

With the combination of the shockingly stunning looks and the bold design also with the most powerful engines of the line of products available,

this beast has a considerable e one of the most perfectly balanced bikes around the market at this range.

The weight in the dry condition is almost up to 359 LBS or 163 kilograms.

CBR 600 VS GSXR 600

this is not a look down upon any of the brands that are being discussed on but rather than consider this as a quick comparison between these two models as it will help you towards choosing one if you are facing such situation.

As regarding of the weight distribution the Honda CBR 600 as of 2014 model has the weight of 196 programs whereas the GSXR 600 has a little benefit of having a lightweight body slightly on the level of 186 kilograms.

When as speaking of the fuel tank capacity also clarifies the reason behind Honda being slightly here is that it has 1.1 liters extra capacity than Suzuki GSXR which is 18.10 liters and on the other hand the GSXR 600 has 17 liters.

the average top speed on the latest stock condition bike on both are quite similar as the Honda model is able to clock upto 250 to a kilometre per hour and the Suzuki GSXR 600 is able to clock upto 250 km per hour.

But there is a fact that Honda CBR 600 is a little low on the mileage as it packs a little more talk then the Suzuki GSXR but on the other hand with almost the same amount of top speed just a little less on the terms of acceleration the Suzuki GSXR has the mileage upto 20 km per liter.

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