SUZUKI 300 Outboard : Everything You Need To Know

Suzuki is a Japanese company that is known for creating some of the best vehicles, boats, motorcycles, suzuki 300 outboards, all terrain vehicles and other similar machines. Suzuki products are known for their durability and high quality.

A Little History

A Frenchman, Gustav Trouve, is the founder of the first electric powered outboard motor. He designed one around 1870 and used it to make his first journey on 26th May 1881. However, the gasoline powered outboard motors came after 20 years.

These were developed by such pioneers as Ole Evinrude. Then the Swedish brothers, Carl and Oscar Hult improvised and improved the designs by Ole Evinrude.

Before this outboard engine was invented, people used to row boats with oars or sails. Although it sounds tranquil and relaxing to row a boat with oars.

Just some quiet time with nature with just the sound of water and natural environment. However, it took ages to get anywhere. Outboards have changed all that.

What is an outboard?

An outboard motor is a small engine, typically fueled with gasoline that has an attached propeller. This is fastened to the rear end of a small boat. In simple words it can be said that outboards are for small boats what gasoline engines are for cars.

How the Suzuki outboard 300 works?

Suzuki is one company that is trusted and is famous for making and bringing new and improved technology.

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They have invented many machines and systems which have been the reason for the number of awards under their belt. They even make machines that are energy efficient so as to save the planet and resources of anyone who uses it.

Following is the theory of how the Suzuki outboard works;

  • The power is generated by the fuel being burnt in the cylinder. About 23 liters of gasoline are held in a fuel tank that is present inside the case of the motor and is at the top. The heavier the boat, the faster it will be driven.
  • Similar to the piston in the car engine cylinder, the piston in the outboard moves back and forth inside the cylinder, powered by the burning and expanding fuel gases.
  • The back and forth motion of the piston is converted to rotatory motion by the piston rod which turns the crankshaft.
  • This crankshaft that runs down the long spine of the motor is responsible for turning the main driveshaft.
  • The vertical spinning motion is converted to horizontal spinning motion with the help of a small gearbox located at the bottom of the driveshaft.
  • The horizontal motion is what propels the boat through the water.

Why is Suzuki 300 outboard the best?

  • Suzuki lean burn

Suzuki outboard 300 or the SUZUKI LEAN BURN is known to be one of the best. This design had to be designed in a way for the new system to be compatible with existing Suzuki outboards. This outboard has the NMMA Innovation awards 2011 under its belt too.

  • Fuel efficient

With the new technology, Suzuki outboard 300 predicts, controls and even optimizes the right amount of fuel is mixed with right amount of air to keep the sailing smoothly in the most fuel efficient way. Suzuki outboard 300 has about 35% less fuel consumption by adjusting the ratio automatically up to 19:1. Meaning its 19 parts air to every 1 part fuel.

  • Design

With the sleek and stylish design it does not even look like a motor. It fits right in with the most stylish and elegant looking boats. Making it a complete package with its good looks and perfect working.

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