Scott Disick | Net Worth & Age & Parents & Girlfriend

 Scott Disick is an American TV personality and also an entrepreneur. He was born on 26th May, 1983 in New York. The 36 years old Disick has amazing looks and features which makes him perfect to appear on TV. Keeping up with Kardashians, Kourtney and Tim take Miami are some of his prominent works on the TV. How much is Scott Disick net worth ? and how old is he ?


Scott Disick Net Worth


Well, the sensational TV personality, Scott Disick belongs to a very financially strong real-estate developer’s family. Disick net worth is estimated to be between $12 million to $15 million. He has two sources of income. The first being his acting job and the second is his entrepreneurship. Disick has been an exceptional personality and took the internet by storm when he first appeared in Keeping up with Kardashian. His handsome and sizzling looks offered him many commercials after he starred in. In addition to this, in the year 2001 he was cover modelled in a young adult series named Heartland.

Coming to his own personal businesses, Disick has been handling his father’s business when he was very young. He has also launched a tanning product for men. The product is named as Monte Carlo. This is not just it, Disick had also introduced menopause supplements Amidren for men.

Another important thing is that, he used to host pool parties at casinos. For that he was paid $50,000. So looking at all of this, we can say that Scott has got the dazzling personality and a mind to fall for.

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Scott Disick Age


Scott Disick was born on 26 May, 1983. He is 36 years old. His birth place is recorded as East Port, Long Island, New York, USA. He is the only child to the parents. His early education was from The Ross School in East Hampton. Talking about the early life of Disick, we have some news which you might be interested in knowing. By the age of 18, he got arrested twice, for speeding and driving under the influence.


Scott Disick Girlfriend


Scott has amazing looks and God! They are to die for. Discik’s personal life is not really private as he is famous for dating many girls. His first girlfriend was none other than Kourtney Kardashian. The couple started dating in 2007, but separated in 2008 on finding that he was cheating on Kourtney Kardashian. The thing didn’t stop here, the couple got back together in 2009. They have 3 children together, Mason Dash Disick, Penelop Scotland and Reign Aston Disick. However, they finally got separated in 2015.

Back in summer 2017, rumors were that Disick is dating Sofia Richie, which was confirmed in September 2017. The fans were surprised because of the age difference between the couple. The star had dated many other girls in that period of time which include Kimberly Stewart, LindsayaVrckovnik, Lina Sanadberg, Bella Throne, Ella Rose, Jessaica Harris, Rauairi Luke. However, Sofia Richie is the one who have all the attention of him since then, despite of the threats from her father.

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Scott Disick Parents


Scott was born to parents Jeffrey and Bonnie Disick. His father had a real estate business. His parents died in 2013 because of illness.

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