Period is a Week Late?

Period is a week late does not mean you are pregnant.

Maybe if period pain burned calories, it would be worth it!

Somehow not receiving this pain on the calculated time of the month gives us women a mini heart attack. A woman not experiencing menopause would have a cycle of 28 days. Additionally, a healthy cycle ranges from 21 to 35 days. Your cycle has changed dates and periods seem to be late, but you are sure that you are not pregnant. Ding! That rings a bell to many possible reasons that could delay your mensuration cycle.

Stress when period is a week late

Stress can lead to illness and an increase or decrease in your weight. It heavily effects your hormones, your mental health and your daily routine. As a result, it effects your cycle which may cause your period to be late.


Weight has a great connection with anxiety and depression which further pushes you to insomnia or sleeping disorders. One can either gain weight by not getting enough sleep and having wrong eating habits or either lose weight. In either case periods are effected, and your dates may vary.


However, obesity is a genetic disease which can lead to an abundant amount of weight gain. Due to obesity in the long run your period cycle may vary and so might the blood flow.


Polycystic ovary syndrome is a medical condition which causes you to produce a large amount of male hormone known as the androgen. This disease is widespread due to the intake of processed food which causes hormonal imbalance at such a vast scale. Cysts form over ovaries making the ovulation pattern irregular which results in the delay of periods.

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Hypothyroid or Hyperthyroid – also referred to as underactive and overactive thyroid respectively can be a cause of missed or late periods. A hormonal imbalance is created which effects your periods.

Birth Control

If you are on birth control or off birth control medication your mensuration cycle is likely to be effected. The pills contain progestin and estrogen hormones that limit the release of eggs. It can take time for your cycle to come back to normal.

Early peri- menopause

Usually menopause amongst women occurs at the age of 45 – 55. However, anyone experiencing before the age limit should know that their egg production is decreasing. This will eventually lead to either late or no periods at all.


For starters there is no need to panic if your periods are a week late. Stay calm and relaxed. Remember! Stress delays them anyways. Focus on your diet. Eat healthy, sleep well and keep yourself well hydrated. You may have a good intake of eggs, hot milk, dates, dried apricots and dried figs. Avoid fizzy drinks and caffeine. Additionally, once your periods begin, avoid taking painkillers. To decrease cramps, you could consume bishop’s weed or carrom. If your period is late and you suffer from fever, headaches, unbearable pain, little to extreme blood flow please visit a doctor so they could advise you medication. Cheers!

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