4 Best Movies about Finding Yourself

Movies about Finding yourself or one can also say “self-discovery”, is a significant part of everyone’s life.

It is an adventure that allows you to explore yourself, dig in to your core principles and find the purpose in life. It is an extensive journey which initially begins with self-awareness and leads to self-knowledge which helps us in making certain life choices.

What is the best movies about finding yourself ?

Andre Gide, a famous French author once said;

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.”

There are certain movies and films which revolve around the concept of self-discovery, self-awareness and finding potential in oneself. Want to have a look at some of the movies based on exploring yourself? Read on to find out.

best movies about finding yourself for you

Here the List : 

1.Wild (2014)

This movie revolves around a women Cheryl Strayed played by Reese Witherspoon who begins a 2650 miles long journey to discover and heal herself. The movie reflects the evocations and memories of her mother, her death from cancer and how Cheryl goes in to depression and destroys her marriage. In order to redeem herself she begins a journey by hiking a trail. Along the travel she decides to remarry and have kids and lead a peaceful life like before.


2.Into the Wild (2007):

Into the Wild is a story about a boy Christopher McCandless who rejects his conventional and luxurious life by destroying his credit cards, donating his savings and setting off to a cross country drive to search the wilderness and explore himself. On a four month travel, he realizes that happiness can only be found when you share it with others and thus he eventually returns back to the friends and family.

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3.Eat, Pray, Love (2010):

Elizabeth Gilbert, a young married women thought she had everything she wanted – a husband, career and a house. But soon after her divorce she lost track of everything. To change her life, Elizabeth takes a risk and embarks on a journey all over the world for self-discovery and finding herself. She finds fully nourished by eating in Italy, power in the prayer in India and inner satisfaction and peace in Indonesia. Thus, the journey ends up giving her all she wanted – self-satisfaction.


4.Lone Survivor (2005):

The movie is based on a real life story of a Navy SEAL fighter who is sent on a mission to capture the Taliban leader Ahmed Shah who is allegedly responsible for killing twenty US marines along with the villagers. The movie unveils the different events of how a soldier risks his life for his people and country to protect and save them from cruelty.

Each and every one of these movies uncovers a distinctive perspective of self-discovery and exploring the inner peace, tranquility, purpose and principles in life. The movies clarify how escaping from the hurdles and difficulties and emphasizing on the betterment of your won soul can help in healing you for good. Thus, a lesson which we get from these movies is to focus on yourself, neglect the negative thoughts and try finding the inner peace. Honestly, these are the things that truly matter.

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