3 Best Movies About Adoption

There is numerous films themed adoption that can be enjoyed by the family. These films are usually tear-jerking and enlightening.

Below are some of the best movies ever about adoption.

Movies About Adoption

The Dark Matter of Love (2012) #1

The dark matter of love 2012
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This 2012 family drama movie is about an eleven-year-old girl Masha Kulabokhova, who is about to find a new family. Masha grew up in a Russian orphanage before moving to the United States.

She is about to be adopted by the family of a fourteen years old Cami, who was born and raised in Wisconsin. Cami has been the focus of her parent’s love her entire life, but with the new member about to join the family, the lives of both young girls are about to change forever.

The family also adopts twin boys Vadim and Marcel, both five, which becomes difficult for the Diaz to successfully bond. As a result, they hire development psychologists to try and help them build their family through scientific means. Will they succeed?

The young Cami is confused by the new additions in her family and therefore becomes hurt and resentful.

The Diaz, despite knowing for a long time they would be adopting Russian kids, didn’t even bother to learn “hello” in Russian, so the children had to go through difficulties communicating to them.

Additionally, the Diaz didn’t even bother to learn any Russian customs. So they far way super touchy-freely with the kids, which is very uncomfortable in Russia, and kept talking about Disneyland and other famous attractions in America but the kids had no clue.

The Diaz resorted to Googling what are popular things in Russia for kids, which also took a lot of time. The kids were also given some American names without being consulted.

 Madeline (1998) #2

madeline 1998
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This movie is set in the 1950s. A young girl (Madeline) attends a Catholic school in Paris in 1956, where is taught by a very strict, but loving nun Miss Clavel.

Madeline is herself is an orphan, with no money or family to support her. Nevertheless, Madeline maintains a positive attitude throughout and becomes friends with another girl at school called Aggie.

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One night, Madeline got sick from appendicitis and taken to the hospital for an appendectomy. She meets Lady Covington, a terminally ill woman, who happened to be the wife of Lord Covington – a member of the board of trustee at Madeline’s school.

Lord Covington is cruel and doesn’t care much about the children at school. But unlike him, his wife Lady Covington cared deeply about the girls and the school, having attended the same school as a teenage girl.

In her hospital bed, Lady Covington asks for a favor from Madeline; to go and check an engraving she made of her birth name – Marie Gilbert, into one of the beds in the dorm, if it was still there.

But before Madeline leaves the hospital, Lady Covington passed. Since she made a promise, Madeline goes and checks for the name under the dorm beds, and to her surprise, it is under her own bed.

Big Daddy (1999) #3

Big daddy 1999

Big Daddy is a movie about a lazy 32-year-old Sonny Koufax – a bachelor who lives in New York who doesn’t want to take any adult responsibilities. Koufax is a well-educated man with a law degree, but he doesn’t want to take the bar exams, instead, he works one day per week as a toll booth attendant.

He supports his life through a large compensation payout he received after a minor accident. Despite all this, he has a girlfriend, Vanessa. But his girlfriend threatens to end their relationship unless he grows up and become responsible. Koufax lives with a roommate, Kevin Gerrity, who proposes to his podiatrist girlfriend Corinne Maloney.

One day Sonny wakes up to find an abandoned five-year-old boy named Julian McGrath. The boy has a written note that states that his mother is no longer able to take care of him.

It also turns out the Kevin is the boy’s biological father. Sonny promises Kevin that he will take care of the boy until Kevin returns (Kevin left to work at his law firm in China).

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Sonny sees an opportunity to impress his girlfriend. So he introduces Julian to Vanessa. But she is already dating a guy named Sid, who is quite old for her age, but intelligent and with a “five-year plan.”

Sonny poses as Kevin and takes Julian to his social worker Arthur Brooks in a bid to return him to his mother. But, he learns that Julian’ mother died of cancer.

It is now up to Sonny to ensure that Julian is taken care off. Julian changes his name to “Frankenstein” and tries to help Sonny find new love in Layla, Corinne’s lawyer sister.

Social worker Brooks finds a foster home for Julian. Sonny, however, has had a terrible influence on Julian, which is pointed out by his teacher. Sonny begins to question his parental skills, so he changes his and Julian’s way.

However, his earlier stunt of impersonating Kevin comes back to bite him, as Brooks finds out and take Julian away.

The matter is taken to the court, and people testify on Sonny’s behalf telling the Judge that he is a fit father. Among the people who testify are Corinne and Julian, who provides his background information about his heritage. Sonny also testifies and convinces his lawyer Lenny that he can be a great father. However, unimpressed judge orders Sonny’s arrest.

Kelvin, returned from China, pieces all the necessary information together and confesses to being Julian’s real father and asks the court to drop the charges against Sony.

Sonny remains friends with his old buddy Julian, but he hands him over to Kevin.

A year later, Sonny is now a changed man; he took the bar exams and now he is a successful lawyer and married to Layla. They have a child together. It is Sonny’s birthday, and his friends are all present including Corrinne, Julian, Kelvin, and others. In the restaurant where his party is held, Vanessa works there, alongside Sid, whose “five-year-plan” didn’t go as planned.

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