Are You Living in a Fantasy World ?

Living in a Fantasy World  has many positives And cons as well

Human beings have their own unique way of dealing with life. Some people choose to exercise, some plunge into drinking, others develop an unhealthy relationship with food, while others embark on their hobbies, among other habits. While all these things are normal and ok, if not moderated can start affecting our lives.

Escaping into a fantasy world is not necessarily a bad thing. It can help you develop your imagination as a skill you can control.

Many people, especially artists make a living by creating their own world. Living in a fantasy world can help you imagine and create the life that you need, in a short period of time. let’s be honest, the reality is harsh, and once in a while, escaping to the fantasy world can help you cope.

How fantasy can prepare you to live in the real world

Fantasy world

1) Recharges your batteries

That act of imagining yourself in a different world can transform your mood for the rest of your day. Maybe you were induced into the fantasy world by a travel magazine with pictures of remote islands, you feel as if you are there, and momentarily, help you escape from your reality.

2) Help you escape pain or danger

This is especially true for victims of childhood abuse or those in a domestic violence home. Fleeing to your fantasy allows you to escape the painful situation that is untenable. Or if you are in a job that stresses you up but can’t afford to quit, you can travel to a happy place through fantasy.

3) Enhance creativity

The mind of human beings is a peculiar organ where everything goes. There are no rules and boundaries in your mind, thus allowing you to be creative. That is why many writers, painters, and other artists solve their personal problems through fantasizing.

4) A safe mental space

Fantasy is a safe place where you can retreat at any time you overwhelmed. If you have been looking for a job in vain, or true love with no success, escaping to the fantasy world where everything is possible and limitless will allow you to take a different approach in solving your problems.

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5) Help you to get to know yourself

Getting to know yourself can be hard sometimes, be with tremendous benefits. Escaping into a fantasy world allows you to be a third person or a witness to your own thoughts and will motivate you to try new things.

While it is good to retreat now and then to your fantasy world, psychologists recommend not doing it often, as it can interfere with your reality. You will fail to plan for your future because you will be spending most of your time building a world that is not real instead of trying to create a future that is real.

How to tell if you spending too much time in the fantasy world

The Time and World

1) You space out all the time even in the middle of a conversation

When you start avoiding conversation with people because you think they talk boring stuff, it may be time to dial down on fantasizing.

2) You procrastinate a lot

You think your future self will do a great job than your current self. When you spend most of your time daydreaming, you will not get enough time to finish what you are doing.

When you escape to the fantasy world, you won’t have an urgency to concentrate on your work.

3) Your world is your solitude

We all know the reality is hard. The pressure of work, family, mortgages, etc. but sometimes escaping from it all is never a solution.

If you find that your fantasy is your only happy place, consider reducing the amount of time you spent the daydreaming. Instead of fantasizing about how everything will be fine in the future, try tackling your problems head-on and face reality.

4) You cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy

When you spent most of your time fantasizing, you start thinking everything is real including what is going on in your mind. When you see a big house you think that is your future house, you can’t dichotomize the reality from the fantasies.

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5) You can’t keep track of time

This is the most common sign that you are spending too much time living in the fantasy world. You can’t keep track of time because you are busy creating scenes in your head.

How to stop fantasizing

1) Identify the cause of your fantasies

Start keeping a journal of your fantasies and see if you can establish why you have them in the first place.Determine if these fantasies have hidden meaning. Maybe they reveal some dissatisfaction or unmet needs in your life.

Establish the patterns between each fantasy entry, and try to connect the dots. Are they about love and relationship or becoming famous?

Sometimes our fantasies may be as a result of our ambitious nature.

2) Learn your triggers

What triggers you to go to the fantasy world? May be it is certain music or a particular activity. The moment your mind starts wondering, take note of what you are doing at that time. Some of the common triggers for fantasies are office, shower, car, or certain music, activity, or even a person, such as your partner or family member.

3) Manage your time properly

If you are procrastinating too much because of your fantasies, time management can help. Daydreaming can be a perfect excuse to put off work, and if it reaches a toxic level, it is a good idea to manage it. Set a schedule every day to ensure you stay on track. Start with the most important tasks at the beginning of the day and be sure to complete them. Don’t be tempted to multitask as you may lose focus.

4) Get occupied

If you find yourself fantasizing when bored, you should consider keeping yourself engaged with, may be a hobby, so you don’t drift into daydreaming. Take up activities such as rock climbing or any outdoor sports to add some excitement into your life.

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