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Kyla Weber acquired her celebrity status when she became the wife to Vince Vaughn, a famous American actor. With most celebrities going after their fellow stars when it comes to dating,

it is rare to find a celebrity romantically-linked to a civilian.

Kyla Weber began dating Vince when the actor had broken up with Jennifer Aniston. It is reported that the two met at a wedding ceremony where a mutual friend introduced them to each other.

For Kyla and  Vince, it was love at first sight. After their meeting, the two soon started dating, and they were pictured together on several occasions, and during their many romantic dates.

kayla and vince

After four months of dating, Kyla met Vince’s parents, and they quickly become fond of her. It didn’t take long before the longtime bachelor finally went down on his knees and proposed to Kyla, with a 4-carat engagement ring worth $125,000. After two years of dating, the two lovebirds secretly tied the knot in 2010.

The wedding was secretive such that news of the wedding came after the whole nuptial had taken place. Thanks to her relationship with Vince Vaughn, Kyla Weber quickly gained celebrity status.

kyla weber net worth

Kyla Weber Net worth

Kyla Weber is an established Canadian realtor. She has spent many years dealing with properties. As a professional realtor, Kyla Weber has managed to garner a fortune from buying and selling properties.

As a Canadian realtor, she used to earn up to $104,666 every year. On top of this, she worked as a manager at Cimarron with Coco Homes, an established real estate company in Canada.

All these earnings mean that Kyla was dancing to the bank at the end of every year. As of 2018, Kyla’s net worth was 1.25 million dollars. Compared to her husband’s net worth, the amount may not be much, but it is a lot of money, regardless.

Since marrying Vince, Kyla enjoys her husband’s net worth, which is more than enough for their small family. Vince has a net worth of about 50 million US dollars. In addition to being an actor and comedian, Vince also invests in real estate and frequently buys and sells properties.

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Kyla enjoys a lavish lifestyle, which includes frequent vacations, thanks to her husband’s immense wealth. The two have a luxurious home in Manhattan Beach, Chicago.

She is currently concentrating on raising their two children and supporting her husband by attending various functions, red carpet events, and elegant award ceremonies.

Besides going on various vacations, Kyla loves spending her free time engaging in her favorite activities, which include painting and shopping. Her favorite meal is the ever-delectable Mexican cuisine, and her idyllic place to be in London. She most-certainly enjoys convenient shopping in the majestic city of London.


Besides her height, Kyla has some distinctive features, which include her striking brunette locks – she is always glowing. She has attributed her gorgeous-looking hair to the meticulous care and attention she gives it. So, if you desire to have her locks, you have to put in more work.

The Canadian realtor’s measures 1.65 meters in height.

She also has a fine-looking and noticeable figure with a weight of about 132 pounds and a body proportion of 34-27-34. The weight and body proportion clearly show that her matchless Canadian brunette looks are fitting in whatever outfit she puts on.

It is no wonder that she looks fabulous in almost every photo that is taken with or without her knowledge. For sure, having such a charming weight with two children is impressive. It goes without saying that she works out to maintain her gorgeous looks.

Kyla’s eyes are dark brown. Indeed, her imposingattributessuit her entirely as a celebrity wife. Kyla Weber also has a flawless sense of fashion, with her favorite color being surprisingly black.

Her fabulous sense of style is clear whenever she attends many events.

Kyla Weber’s Age

Kyla Weber was born in Okotoks, Canada, on the 1st of July, 1979. She is currently 40 years old. Her father is called Ken Weber. Up to now, details about her mother have not been brought to the limelight, and this includes her mother’s name.

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However, her father is widely known. In fact, he is the one who confirmed Kyla’s engagement to a Canadian newspaper, known as the Montreal Gazette. At the time, Ken Weber confirmed to the Canadian Press that his daughter was all set to move to America and live with her husband.

Known for cherishing her privacy, Kyla Weber loves to live her life away from the media attention and can only be seen on rare occasions when attending glamorous red carpets with her husband or other important functions.

Other than that, she enjoys her private life with her family, away from the immense attention that most American celebrities get.

In addition to her mother’s details, information about her siblings is also unknown up to now. Her only family members that are known are her father, Ken Weber.

She shares a daughter and a son with Vince. The daughter is called Locklyn Kyla Vaughn, while the son is Vernon Vaughn.

Her daughter was born in 2010, while her son was born three years later in 2013. This means that the two adorable kids could currently be nine and six years, respectively.

Despite being 40 years old, the White Canadian celebrity wife looks way younger than her age. You would be pardoned to think that she is in her twenties.


It is worth noting that Kyla does not smoke even though she occasionally enjoys a few glasses of alcohol. She is best known for leading a very private life. She rarely invites paparazzi in her private life.

However, the fact that she is a celebrity wife means that Kyla Weber is going to be under media scrutiny for all her life.

The great thing to note is that she will always have her husband by her side to support her through it all.

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