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“You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them.” What is jennifer lopez net worth ?

Jennifer lopez Net worth and Age

Jennifer Lynn Lopez is an American celebrity who has been mesmerizing crowd since a very young age through her singing, dancing and acting talent. The diva was born in the US in July ,24 1979 to Puerto Rican parents. She is also an actress turned entrepreneur whose net worth is estimated at about 350 million US Dollars.

Jennifer lopez Parents

Born to pretorian parents her life has been filled with controversy and broken affairs. She has been a fan favorite of newspapers and paparazzi’s since the age of 7 when she started her dance career and later toured New York. Born to a middle-class family, it wasn’t easy for her as she tried to break into show business. J. Lo went to a Christian high school and entered Baruch college to pursue her business degree. She said in an interview for NBC that she knew in college that she was meant for the showbiz industry. What she did not know factor was the hard climb up the ladder.

Jennifer lopez movies

J. Lo got her first singing gig in the movie Selena, but her real lucky break came with her single “waiting for tonight” for her debut album “On the 6”J.Lo never had a stable family life and has been married three times. In an interview she said that her marriages were short lived and happened due to work pressure and loneliness. She is currently engaged to the hall of fame baseball player Alex Rodriguez and they plan to get married really soon. Alex also gifted her on a diamond engagement ring which is rumored to have a worth of around 1 to 3 million dollars. She had two children Emme Maribel and Maximilian David Muniz from Marc Anthony which she divorce after 11 years and have now been adopted by Alex along with his own two daughters into the family. The acclaimed model also dated the enigmatic Ben Affleck which she also broke off with after a long shadowing by the press.

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she Love

Jenifer Lopez loves real estate shopping and owns the BEL Air Mansion which is estimated at 40 million followed by Hampton Mansion worth 10 million. Jennifer Lopez is an amazing car collector as well owning an Aston Martin db7, Rolls-Royce and Bentley among others in her collection. Even her social media followers number in the millions with Instagram topping the list at 81.8 million fans.

J. Lo’s music career began in the late 1999’s when she started recording for her debut album. Her song “If you had my love “was a massive hit and stayed in top charts for over two weeks. Her song “waiting for tonight” got nominated for best dance performance the same year. It was still not happy sailing for the diva, and she has not produced any big musical hits since.

Starting in 1995 as a fly girl with fox, J. Lo has gone onto do some seriously romantic as well as badass roles from the snakey Anaconda to Selena in which she made the critics nervous. She is one of the highest paid Latin American actresses and continues to do charge director around 18 million per movie. J. Lo is a successful example of the American Dream and a legendary Hollywood legacy that equal the best in the showbiz industry.

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