Jeff Tremaine | Net Worth, Height, Age, Life

Jeff Tremaine’s full name is Jeffrey James Tremaine. He was born on 4th September in 1966. He was born in Rockville, Maryland. He is known for a lot of different things.

His main expertises are as a filmmaker and show runner. He has also worked as an editor for a magazine.

Early Life

Jeff Tremaine got a degree from Washington University in 1989. He graduated in Fine Arts. He was a military brat and had to travel a lot in his younger years. He had a great passion for skateboarding and BMX riding. His passion led him to work for magazines like Big Brother and Go.

Jeff Tremaine’s Most Prominent Work

Jeff Tremaine is known as the co creator of the Jackass franchise. He is associated with the project since the start.  He has worked as an editor for the Big Brother Skating magazine and as an art director for the GO Magazine.

GO magazine is one of the most popular BMX magazines in the world.

Jeff Tremaine has been a BMX rider himself which is why he was such a good addition to the GO Magazine. In addition to that he has produced and directed a lot of different movies, shows and content. His has been more prominently associated with MTV.

He is mostly known for directing and producing comedy content.

Jeff Tremaine as a Show Runner

Other than producing movies and performing the jobs of an editors for different magazine, Jeff Tremaine has also worked as a show runner for WWE.

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He directed the WWE show swerved where superstars were pranked. It was one of the highest rated shows on WWE network. He also directed a film for ESPN named Angry Skies.

Angry Skies was a part of 30 for 30 film series. He has also directed a safety video for American Airlines. He has also worked with cartoon network.

He produced and directed Loiter Squad which used to run on cartoon network.

Jeff Tremaine’s Upcoming Work


Jeff Tremaine is always working on new and innovative content. At the current moment he is involved in the production of an upcoming movie by the name of Bad Trip.

The movie revolved around two friends who take a cross country trip. During their trip they prank unsuspected real life audience. This is what makes this movie a great and unique experience.

The film stars Eric Andre, Tiffany Haddish and Lil Rel Howery. Jeff Tremaine has a vast experience in comedy and he has also been involved with WWE in the past for the production of their prank series called Swerved.

He brings a lot of value and experience to the table.

The movie is set to release on 28th February 2020. It is expected to be one of the finest and the most unique work of Jeff Tremaine to date.

Jeff Tremaine’s Net Worth

Over the years Jeff Tremaine has worked in different fields. No matter which ever field he has gone into he has enjoyed a lot of success. His hard work and success has helped him amass a fortune of $40 Million.

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Most of his wealth comes from his work as a director and producer for Jackass show and movies.

Jeff Tremaine’s Height

Jeff Tremaine is around 1.84 meters tall which is a little above 6 feet.

Jeff Tremaine’s Wife and Kids

Jeff Tremaine is married to Laura Tremaine who runs a blog called Hollywood Housewife. They were married in 2007 and have two beautiful kids together.   He has one son and one daughter.

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