Is Plan B The Same as Abortion ?

To put the answer to this question is a simple way of speaking is that plan b one step is not the same as RU 486 which is basically an abortion pill.

IT office Lee does not create any type of situation regarding a miscarriage or an abortion. Also to be added to the face while saying in another manner of speaking it does not stop any type of development of fetus once the fertilized egg inside the woman has implanted into the uterus.

That is why of fiercely it will not work if you are already conceiving are you are already pregnant when you are taking the medicine.

About the effectiveness

It is said by many of the manufacturers of such plan b medicine that if the user or the female member has taken it within the time period of 72 hours after having unprotected sexual intercourse then plan b one step can reduce the risk of getting pregnant by 8 up to the level of 89%.

And if in some situation if the expected person has taken the plan b one step medicine within the time limit of 24 hours then it increases the percentage of the top 95% of not being pregnant.

Is it a kind of abortion pill?

Just simply the answer is no and also to be noted that plan b is basically a contraception pill which means that it has the basic work of preventing the pregnancy.

Plan b one step is being a contraceptive pill is available to all the drug stores near your location and does not require any kind of prescription for age proof because the best efficiency of it is to take it as soon as possible after the event of any unprotected sex.

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Side effects

Plan b one step or otherwise known as the contraceptive pills obviously do have a certain amount of effects on a woman’s total physical conditions which basically includes the changes in the Times article of a woman’s menstrual cycle and also nausea,

along with lower abdominal pain and fatigue and also headache and dizziness and in some situation breast tenderness.

But consumption of way too much limit of such product may also cause into the event of a woman’s being disabled of having a child ever again. so, of course,

it is highly recommended to use protective manners before having sexual activity.

Many people most often do this mistake that if the production has not taken prior to the event of having sexual intercourse

Then it can be also taken after but exactly the mistake is right here that the proper production should be always taken before the event actually occurred

Because the after-effects and all those types of protection for preventive measures that are to be taken after unprotected sex obviously causes some major issues towards the female body.

So basically to answer your question is that is plan b a similar to abortion is not because it works before even you have conceived and there is nothing to be ashamed of because the child was never being formed inside the uterus.

Should you feel guilty?

Well of course not because as it has been already said in the above discussion that it is not actually a child that is being aborted.

What actually happens is that plan b one step usually does the work of reducing and destructing all of those particles that are left by a sperm or left by every is a collation after a sexual intercourse

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Which usually after a specified time for a specified period of hours causes the pregnancy due to the uterus and the fetus being fertilized.

So basically you are not giving any human life being but rather than you’re just removing some of the sexual organism and you would probably have nothing to be worrying about as you are not taking any type of life from anyone.

How does it work?

In every such event of having unprotected sex usually the ejaculated sperm gets inside the vaginal canal of a female.

And from that canal, the uterus is also released the necessary elements that are required for a woman to conceive a child.

And while these two come into a proper bonding and having some time spent with each other they together form a conceive state of a child.

Plan b one step is more of a contraceptive pill which actually stop this whole procedure for even before it actually happens.

So unless and until the above mentioned two particles are being together with, there are no actual any type of possibilities that the woman is under any form of race of being pregnant by that unprotected sexual intercourse

and neither do you should be any type of instruction regarding the uses of such medicine as this is no crime and mostly recommended by the doctors and also admitted by the law.

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