How to Heal Sunburn Fast

The Summer Season brings a lot of outdoor activities which involve exposing your skin in the sunlight. To most people, sunny days are the perfect combination for an outdoor event like going to the beach. However, a lot of exposure to the sun can cause, which is terrific for most people. It is best to keep yourself protected from the harmful rays of the sun by wearing sunblock with high Sun Protecting Factor. It helps you to enjoy the sun along with protecting yourself from any dangerous rays. 

Sunburn is primarily a toxic reaction that happens to the skin when it gets exposed to it for a very long time. Usually, the skin’s self-defence mechanism includes the production of melanin to protect itself against the rays of the sun. When the defences get overworked, then the reaction occurs, which causes the skin to get sunburnt. In sun burn, the top layer of the skin gets damaged. In severe cases, it can be excruciating for individuals. If it is not treated correctly at the right time, then it can take a very long time to heal which elongates the period of pain too. 


SunBurn Symptoms


It takes about two hours for the symptoms of the sunburn to appear. However, if they are not treated almost instantly, then they create the worst form up to twenty-four hours later. The most common symptoms are:

  • Broken blisters of the skin which uncover the sensitive skin underneath to create more agony for the person.
  • The upper part of the skin starts to get hotter, and you can feel the heat inside it.
  • The affected area slowly turns very painful. Sometimes the colour of the skin also switches from light pink to darker tones of red. Sometimes, in severe cases, the skin starts turning purple too. 
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However, the following fast remedies to your sunburn will help it heal in a very little time. If you manage to use the solutions very carefully, then you might even fix yourself overnight too. 

  1. The sooner you realize that you have burned your skin, you must immediately move to a shady spot. Exposure to the sun after sunburn can only make it worse. If you are somewhere outdoor, then you must walk somewhere where there is shade. The next thing you must do is to get home as soon as possible. It is suggested for you to use umbrellas when you walk outside as they protect you from burning yourselves under the sun. 
  2. The next thing that you must do is to get a refreshing shower. The cold water when it comes in contact with the skin makes it very calm and reduces the effect of the sun’s scorching heat. So, your first instant must be to get yourself a cold shower. Never shower with hot water after a sunburn as it will make you feel worse. It is best recommended to shower just with water and avoid any soaps or chemicals on the skin. It is because these things make the irritation get worse and causes even more problems. The towel must also be avoided as it can scratch the rashes. You can pat a towel softly over your skin, or you must let it dry naturally with cold air. 
  3. Aloe Vera is the best anti-burning plant for your skin which you should use in case of sunburn. Aloe Vera not only provides instant coolness to the affected areas but also can start healing your burn in even less than twenty-four hours. The most highly suggested way to use Aloe Vera on the skin is to obtain it from the leaves directly. If you happen to consume Aloe Vera leaves at your house then you are fortunate enough to heal yourself very swiftly. However, packed Aloe Vera gel is also known for working wonders on the skin. It makes you feel lovely instantly as it soothes down your pain and irritation. Using Aloe Vera is the most natural way to fix your sunburn in no time.
  4. Alternative to Aloe Vera, other moisturizers containing Vitamin E and Vitamin C are also very beneficial for a sunburn. Moisturizers that can contain Alcohol must be avoided at all costs. Alcohol in contact with sunburn worsens it to a hundred degrees.
  5. For the sunburn to heal rapidly, you must consume eight to ten glasses of water daily. Prolonged exposure to the sun not only makes your skin dry but also makes your body very dehydrated. However, when you consume a lot of water regularly after the sunburn, then you allow your body to heal very quickly and painlessly.
  6. Furthermore, activities that can make you sweat more should be avoided for at least ten days after a sunburn. 
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All the remedies as mentioned earlier are widely applied for fixing the sunburn very quickly. Furthermore, any contact with the sun should be reduced several months after the sunburn so that you decrease the chance of getting another sunburn. 

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