How to Heal Burns & SunBurns


You can burn yourself in a lot of ways including, accidentally putting your hand on a container or a hot pan, investing a lot of energy in the sun, or either by spilling a hot drink on your lap. Shockingly, burns are a standout amongst the most widely recognized injuries that happen to individuals very frequently. There are distinctive kinds of burns which can be recognized by their seriousness. An average burn can damage the upper layer of the skin while a more severe burn can even injure the deeper parts. They can result in redness, swelling, torment and sometimes even death.  The question now is how to heal burns?

How to Heal Burns

However, burns can be easily treated in the first stage for stopping them from getting any worse. It generally takes about 15 days for a burn to heal properly. Following simple home remedies can be applied to improve your wounds.

Using Cool water over the burns 

The principal thing that you must do when you get a small burn is to run cold water over it instantly. The water must be applied to the burnt part for at least 25 minutes for the burn to soothe. 

Anti-Burn creams

Anti-burn creams are very good in helping the burn to heal. You must apply an antibacterial balm like Bacitracin or Neosporin to the affected area for good results. 

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Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known to consist of antiburning qualities. Therefore, one must apply Aloe Vera gel for immediate treatment. It suppresses the growth of any germs and is known as the best alternative in severe cases too.

Prevent the affected area from being exposed in the sun

The wound heals very swiftly if ample techniques are applied to it. One such method is to protect the skin from exposing into the sun as it is very harmful.

Take Pain killers

Pain Killers like, ibuprofen or naproxen can be very helpful to help get rid of the torment, which occurs as an after effect of the burn.


How to heal sunburns

The skin is a susceptible organ which can be easily harmed when exposed to the sun. There are a lot of precautious measures which must be taken when exposing the skin in the sun. It is best to put an adequate amount of sunblock with a high SPF for the protection of the skin. If your skin gets a sunburn, then you must look for the following solutions.

  • Sunburn can heal by applying a wet and cold towel to the affected area for at least a week.
  • Sunburn can be reduced by applying a moisturizer that contains Aloe Vera as its main component. It provides excellent anti-burning qualities that can treat the injury quite swiftly.
  • In case of a sunburn, drinking extra water can reduce the effect. It is because the sunburn can make your body dry, so it is better to hydrate yourself for healing quickly.
  • The sun burnt area must be protected from the sunlight in any case. So, it is best recommended that you must cover your skin and avoid the sun. 
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