4 Amazing Tips : How to Beat Jet Lag

How to beat jet lag?

You already know that feeling don’t you? you just freshly stepped off the plane full of excitement and all the anticipation waiting after a very long flight and your just suddenly smacked in the face with a huge amount of fatigue so much that you can barely move out of your tiredness.

You have got only a little amount of sleep and also your body feels like it has been under drug overdose. you feel like it’s just about your bedtime but at the new place or the new home you arrived in it is just the lunchtime so hello there jet lag!

Some tips to overcoming jet lag that actually works

Number 1

You should prepare at home before departing. if you have the basic idea of what you are going to be experiencing during the jet lighter than at the very first step you should get yourself ready at home before even you get close to an airplane.

Show the best clan actually here is that you should attack your body plan and the biological clock of yours to set it a few hours ahead or after the actual time of your current position rather than you should be in the timezone that of in the new place.

You should get an uneven distribution of sleep such as if you wake at 6 o’clock in the morning that you should try waking up early or even not sleeping at night so that you have it is balance amount of sleep time.

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Number 2

Always remember to watch over the time along with the new time zone and you must say all of your clocking devices to the time of the news on that you are going to travel.

Your body is more often driven by the psychological views inside your mind and before you start your journey at the plane you should at least get yourself mentally prepared for the new rhythm that you are going to blend into.

If you have your watch set according to towards the new time zone that your mind will automatically start to prepare your body to adapt with the new timing.

Number 3

And most of all it is much helpful for you to adapt your body’s rhythm in relation to the new time that you are going to be asleep and awaken.

Just for an example on the instant basis if you are going to travel to somewhere in the place of the Eastern direction then you would probably want to go sleep on the plane.

If you are not able to get any kind of decent sleep in the night before the departing then this can also help you since you will be more tired form and you will be able to easily fall asleep on the.

Number 4

And always remember that when you are having a journey of such an extent that it is going to change the entire time zone around you you should not probably eat a lot of food as the food digestion procedure takes a lot of your energy from your body and while traveling this could be a lot of burdens.

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