KSI: A Living Example of Success


YouTube, back in the time, was only for the entertainment purposes. No one really thought of it as a business platform. But now, it has become an amazing place where people can show their talent and be famous. YouTube has made people celebrities and stars in no time. One such example is KSI.

KSI is a YouTube celebrity, video game commentator, rapper and actor. He started his career in 2009 through YouTube and now he has more than 19 million subscribers. He makes his content unique and worthy to watch. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people flock towards his channel.

Here is the last song of KSI


how old is KSI

KSI, originally named as Olajide Olatunji was born on 19th June, 1993. His birth place is London, England. The 26 years old star has achieved so much. He is 99th most subscribed user on the Youtube. This is one the biggest achievement for such a young person like him. Other than this, he is an amazing rapper, actor and a white color boxer.


KSI Net Worth

Since KSI is mainly a YouTube star so his source of income is YouTube. His net worth is estimated around $10 million. Again this is insane because he is only 26 right now. It was July, 2009 when KSI introduced his own channel on YouTube with the name of KSI Olaajidebt. Well, yeah it’s a tough name to pronounce but it is unique so is KSI. In early days, his content was mostly related to FIFA, a video game. He gained his followers but his first million hit in 2012 and after that this number never stopped. It kept on going. His content has evolved with the passage of time like comedy sketches, challenges, prank videos, music, acting and etc. YouTube star has also collaborated with other YouTubers for his channel. We can see RiceGum, Casper Lee, Joe Sugg and some others on his channel. In 2016, his achievements include, winning the NME Award for Vlogger of the Year.

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Other than this, if we talk about his rap career, then it started in 2011 with the first debut track “Heskey Time” which was released in 2012. Since, the star has all of his interest in Football, his first track was about the footballer Emile Heskey.His single debut was out for the public to listen with the name of Lamborghini in the year 2015 and since then, he has not stopped recording some amazing songs.


KSI girlfriend


It seems that KSI is very shy personality in sharing the details of his personal life. But he is a famous YouTube personality and such things cannot be kept in secret for too long. KSI was dating Lois Sharpie in past years but somehow they broke up in 2017. Also before that, in 2014 he had his relationship with Seana Cuthbert who is also a fellow YouTube. The reason is unknown. It is hard to say whether the star is currently dating anyone or not.



Having the Nigerian roots and descent. KSI has become a sensation in no time and at this age. KSI’ s height is 5ft 11 inches which makes 1.83 m.

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