How Long Can Cats Go Without Food ??

Cats are a very beautiful creature. They are one of the most common pets. There are hundreds of different species of cats in the world. Some of them can be domesticated and turned into pets. Owning a cat comes with a lot of responsibility. If you own a cat then you know how big of a responsibility it is.

You have to feed it, observe its actions and take care of it in every way possible. Sometimes our cats might display some very odd behaviors which might be an indication that they are suffering from a certain condition. One of these behaviors can be that they start eating less or completely stop eating all together.


When Do Cats Stop Eating

When Do Cats Stop Eating


There can be many different scenarios where cats stop eating. If your cat stops eating then that is a clear indication that something is wrong with them. You can be sure that they are suffering from a medical condition.

You have to rush your cat to the vet in order to diagnose the issue. Some of these issues can be fatal and may cause your cat to lose its life. If you don’t want to lose your cat then the best reaction to your cat not eating would be to take it to the vet without wasting any time.

Conditions that may stop your cat from eating may include kidney failure, infections, cancer, intestinal problem and many other similar conditions. However these aren’t the only conditions that can stop your cat from eating.

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Sometimes it can be smaller things like a toothache or may be a fever that may make your cat lose the will to eat. It is crucial for you to stimulate their appetite at this time as cats aren’t as strong as human or even dogs when it comes to going by their life without proper nutrients. Cats cannot survive for long if they don’t get appropriate amount of food intake.

How Long Can Your Cat Go Without Food


As mentioned earlier, cats aren’t as strong as humans or dogs. They need appropriate amount of protein and nutrients to function and when they don’t get that they are bound to get weak and die.

Scientists believe that some cat species may even live up to two weeks without eating considering that they intake water. However without water or food a cat can hardly survive a weak. Most cats die out after 3 to 4 days of not getting any food or water. This is due to the fact that cats need protein to function.

They don’t have the capacity to store large amounts of protein and energy in their body. A cat’s liver cannot support their bodies for long with the small amount of stored energy.

Cats need nutrients to make their body function properly. If they don’t get the required nutrients then their body organs stop functioning. The digestive system is the first to shut down. When this happens then the doors for any type of recovery are already closed. It is just a matter of time that your cat will die.

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After the digestive system the second organ to shut down is the brain. When this happens most cats can’t even walk nor do anything else. They just lie down and wait for their pending doom. At the end the heart stops beating and the cat dies.

How to Make Your Cat Eat

It should always ring some bells when your cat stops eating. The earlier you realize the better. Once you see that your cat isn’t eating or drinking anything that is the time to take it to the vet. Making the right decision at the right time may help in saving your cat’s life.

If your cat isn’t eating, try to change the food. Sometimes it’s the smell and flavor of a certain type of food that cats don’t like. Changing the food may help the cat get the required nutrients. Try to incorporate certain type of healthy food within other food that your cat likes to eat. Doing so will help your cat get the required protein which in turn will keep your cat healthy and active.

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