How Early Can You Feel Baby Kick ?

Are you excited about experiencing motherhood for the first time? Well, there are a lot of queries which all the moms-to-be have.

Since they will be experiencing the beautiful journey of motherhood or parenthood for the first time, they are highly concerned about every minute thing about their baby and the baby’s health.

They are more excited to feel them inside their womb and make preparations for their baby to come to this world.

They make preparations and what to get everything for their baby to make it feel comfortable and give him or her a healthy life.

There are many different milestones to experience during pregnancy. These milestones can be cravings, mood swings, becoming sleepy and lethargic most of the time, and even experiencing the baby’s movements.

These movements can include kicks. When babies move their legs inside the womb then the mother can feel kicks.

These kicks can denote a lot of things. You can feel kick inside the womb after you eat something. These kicks tend to increase as your baby grows inside the womb however when your baby grows up to a certain point around the 32nd week, the kick start to slow down as the baby has less space to move around.

Feel Baby kick


The most beautiful moment during pregnancy

There are many difficult milestones experienced during pregnancy which makes you feel irritated and frustrated. And you might feel like getting rid of all the rapid changes in feelings and moods. But the most amazing and beautiful part is when you feel your baby kick for the first time.

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This is the time when you feel that your baby is responding to you, is making you know that he is growing inside and you will soon become a mother.

Many say that the first kick of the baby is an emotional feeling for both the mother and the father. This is the time when a realization hits that they have a baby growing inside and soon they will become parents.

Most of the mothers even cry with happiness when they feel the first kick or movement of the baby. This is no doubt the most beautiful moment during.

Are you waiting for the first move?

We are sure you must be eagerly waiting to feel the first move of your baby. You might also question that when will I experience the baby move?

Well, the movements of the baby mostly start happening between 1 to 12 weeks.

This is the first trimester when you might feel a fetal movement inside you. At times you might also see your baby rock and roll with the drum beats of an ultrasound.

This will make you realize this fact more. But the first three months are not that happening with the movements, you hardly feel them.

The second and third-trimester movements

You will feel rapid movements and feel your baby respond by kicking in the second and third trimester more. The second trimester is between 13 to 26 weeks.

Your morning sickness will go away and you will be more energetic and excited. Your will be rapidly feeling the baby kicks more prominently.

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You feel like if there is a fish swimming inside your tummy. Isn’t it beautiful and exciting?

The third trimester begins between 27 to 40 weeks. This period is known as the home stretch because the baby is growing to the full leaving less space for the baby’s nudges and kicks.

At times you might also feel punches and this is the time when you even see the hand or foot impressions on your tummy. The baby is all ready to come out.

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