Honda CBR 250 RR : Top Speed , Weight

Cbr 250 rr Top Speed

The Honda CBR 250 RR is to be considered the little brother or the youngest brother among the CBR series launched by the famous automobile company Honda.

CBR 250 RR is basically one of the lightest and lowest capacity CBR bike ever released by Honda with a 250 cc engine along with the support of twin cylinder sport engine made by the Honda motors which is basically a subsidiary of the Honda in Indonesia.

This model 250 RR was unveiled for the first time in 2016 July in the capital of Indonesia.

And after the first introduction in July 2016 it started is mass production in the November for the next year.

CBR 250 RR top speed

Also considering that among the superbike are the sports bike family 250 CC is not big of an engine but yet it is powerful enough to make you go wow. As already you know that Honda is one of the best companies regarding motorbike manufacturer the 250 CC provided inside this little beast has the capability to produce somewhat a little over 111 miles per hour or another words 179 kilometre per hour with the heavy engine that is consisting of 240 9.7 cc. The engine is a four stroke 8 valve DOHC parallel twin engine.

Despite of the smaller capacity in gym it also has a advanced set of fuel injectors that is able to reduce the fuel consumption on a significant way up to 25 kilometre per litre of mileage while even having the highest powerful ride.

And on the other hand in terms of the capasity the little bit has the capability to hold over 14.5 litres or 3.2 Imperial gallon or 3.8 us gallons of well inside its tank.


This model is basically manufactured by Astra Honda motor which is the subsidiary factory of the Honda in the limit of Indonesian region.

As the heavenly packed compact motorbike for altering purpose is quite one of the best designs provided by this heavily popular company it has the Messi power of generating stock up to 23.3 NM @ 11000 RPM and also the maximum power level of 38.2 horsepower at 12500 RPM.

It also consists of a properly balanced body structure and design and also in terms of weight distribution.

The average seat height of this bike is 790 millimetre 31.1 inch which is one of the most perfect size for all size of people.

And also the weight is quite affordable and easily balance sibal which is 165 kilogram or to be speaking in pounds it would be 364 pounds while having a non anti lock braking system and also 168 kilogram or 370 lbs while having a wet condition along with an anti lock braking system.

Among the motors force of 250 CC category Honda CBR 250 RR has been winning continuously since the year 2014 and 2015 ever since the prototype was launched and after the mass production of November 2016 it has yet to be defeated in terms of championship while having the best power and technology in such range.

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