Guest Posting in Our Magazine ( Write For Us )

Being affiliated with our magazine is one of the most prestigious things that a writer or editor can hope for. People these days are very keen on reading unique, authentic and catchy articles. Contrary to the common belief you can still use reading material to attract tons of visitors to your media platform. If you want to publish an article in our prestigious magazine then you have to fulfill certain conditions;


Word Count

The word count for the articles should be at least 600 words + Do-Follow Link + No (Drugs,Gambling,Pharma….)


Zero Tolerance For Plagiarism

Good writers always use their creativity to write unique content. They need to have detailed knowledge about many different subjects so that they can write on different types of topics in their own words. If you want to write for our magazine you need to provide 100% authentic and unique content that is free from plagiarism. The content should not be spun and it should pass Copyscape Plagiarism Checker.


Choose A Category From Our Magazine

We post content based on certain categories. If your article does not fall under any of those categories then we will not be able to publish it in our magazine. In order to feature in our magazine you have to fall under one of those categories. We do not encourage gambling or pharmacy articles. We put more focus on articles that are catchy and fun.


Format Of The Articles

The article you write should have a dynamic title, subheadings and short paragraphs. This will remarkably increase the readability of the content.


Modifications To Your Article

You should also note that the article you send us isn’t always going to be published the same way you send it to us. We might make some modifications depending on our requirements. We might also add in some links to other content to enhance the experience of the readers.


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