Gijinka is a term which has gained its origin from Japan. It more likely refers to humanization and personification.

Gijinka is also widely known as anthropomorphism, where people tend to consider non-human creatures, materials, and certain other objects and try to imagine them as living beings/humans.

Cute characters are often referred to as Moe Anthropomorphism.

What Does A Gijinka Look Like?

Gijinkais deeply related to a furry. It might be an animal or a creature which looks like an animal which is then represented in a human like structure.

Furries look more like animals in a way that they possess several traits identical to the animals, such as tails, paws and ears. Whereas, a Gijinka gives the overall look of a human beings wearing an attire which is corresponding to the animals.

Examples On The Internet

We can see Anthropomorphism as when different browsers of the internet are created all over again as anime characters. All this was done apart of fan art.

Companies tend to do make use of anthropomorphism themselves. For the internet explorer and Windows 7,8 and 10, Windows has developed several anime girls.

Madobe Nanami is the girl for Windows 7. Followed by Madobe Yuu and Madobe Ai for Windows 8. The anime girl created for Internet Explorer 11 is Aizawa Inori. for windows 10, the name for anime girl still has not been given.

Some Other Characters

Apart from the non-living objects, also referred as inanimate, some animals are also given characters of human. Here, we can consider Pokemons. They are referred and imagined as human beings.

People often dress up like Pokemons or any other character similar to animals which possess range of human features. Some other characters styled like Gijinka are from Digimon known as Renamon and Gatomon.

Mecha Musume, also called battle vehicles or Humongous Mecha, declared as cute girls, are a common example of Moe Anthropomorphism.

Cute Monster girl is another term which is highlighted in anthropomorphism, where the character is related to a monster. But it too depends on the gender of the character.

If the character is that of a guy, then gender flip might matter. Gender flips are all about swapping male roles with the female and the roles of females are given to males. However, it is rare enough that males are taken as a character in Moefication.


People may often think that Gijinka and Anthropomorphism are not the same or hold differences with one another.

People belonging to different cultures come up with own set of thinking and perception of these two closely related terms.

People belonging to the English-speaking countries have a view that Gijinka is more about transforming animals into human being or some other anime characters only.

Whereas Anthropomorphism is vast enough and is related to the conversion of rest of the stuff into human beingsor a few other anime characters. There might be difference in views because Gijinka is a part of the Japanese sub-culture, and many people would have only a little understanding about it.

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