G Eazy Net Worth

Gerald Earl Gillium, popularly known as G-Eazy, is an extremely popular white American rapper and song producer who was born in Oakland, California. He is extremely famous for his hip-hop and is unapologetic for pursuing fame and popularity. He is well-known for collaborating with artists like Britney Spears and Lil Wayne


G-Eazy is 6 feet 4 inches tall. He has a good height that adds a lot of value to his personality.


He was born in Oakland, California on 24rth May 1989 and is 30 years old.


G-Eazy started his music career as a producer and was working on singles while he was still a student at Loyola University. He started gaining recognition for his hip hop and became a member of the local hip hop group “The Bay Boyz”. Initially, his mixtapes were not successful but in August 2011 he released his” Endless Summer” which gained over four million views on YouTube.

His debut album “These Things Happen” was released in 2014. The album was successful in selling 265000 copies till the present date and topped Billboard hip hop, R&B, Rap Album, and other music charts.

His second album “When it’s Dark Out” was released on 4rth December 2015. His single “Me, Myself and I” that was in collaboration with Bebe Rexha managed to secure 7th rank on the US Billboard Hot 100.


G-Eazy is currently single but he was first in a relationship with the actress, singer, and model Devon Baldwin who he first met while he was studying at Loyola University. He is also known to have dated Lana Del Rey at one point in life. Moreover, he was also known to have dated singer Halsey for seven months but the couple parted ways after that.

He is also famous to have dated Christina Roseann Ray, however; at the beginning of 2019, he was also rumored to be romantically involved with  Victoria’s Secret model Yasmin Wijnaldum.

Net Worth

G-Eazy performed for only ten years and managed to achieve a net worth of Nine Million Dollars in the year 2019.

How Did He Amass This Much Wealth

His main source of wealth is his music career. G-Eazy achieved a wealth of nine million dollars at the young age of 30. This is something that most people fail to achieve even if they work all their lives. He performed for not more than ten years but the majority of his performances were a major hit and set records on the music charts.

With his consistent hard work since 2008, he managed to get a hefty amount of money for each of his single albums that were sold including the royalties from the various songs that were played on the radio or TV.

He has also never neglected his touring schedule which has helped him to earn a lot of money. He gets a hefty fee for performing at particular events. His concerts usually attract a lot of people from all over the world.

As he has became more popular now he is in a position to demand a higher fee for these performances and most organizing authorities are willing to pay this to him.

The exact fee he charges is not disclosed but it is said that he and some other popular musicians of the same stature charge $2000-$10000 per performance. He has used his wealth to do a lot of philanthropic work as well.

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