Don Omar Net Worth | Everything You Need To Know 2020


Don Omar’s real name is William Omar Landron Rivera. He is a Puerto Rican singer who is known for his reggaeton music style.

His amazing music has garnered him the name “King of Kings of Reggaeton Music”.

He is also known by his other nickname El Ray. El Ray means The King in Spanish.

Don Omar’s Age

Born on 10th February, 1978 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. He is the oldest son of his parents. He turned 41 years old in 2019.

Don Omar Height

The average height of men in Puerto Rico is 5 ft 6 inches to 5 ft 9 inches. Don Omar’s height is above the country average.  Don Omar is 1.82 meters tall which means that his height is around 5 ft 10 inches.

Don Omar Net Worth

He is self made man and has amassed a wealth of $6.5 million because of his music career.

Some sources even claim his net worth to be around $23 million.

Don Omar’s Wife

Don Omar married Jackie Guerrido in 2008. She works as a journalist for Primer Impacto on Univision and also a television weather forecaster.

The couple divorced in 2011.


don omar's children

He has four children. His first born Nicolas Valle Gomez was born in 2003. He also has two more sons by the name of Derek Omar and Daniel Omar.

He also has a daughter by the name of Diana Omar.

Don Omar’s Pre Music Life

Omar was born in to a religious Christian family and regularly attended masses and church.  In his early years he turned from a devoted Christian life to music.

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Music Career

Don Omar turned from Church to music at a very young age. Don Omar started performing in night clubs throughout the country.

He partnered with Eliel Lind Osorio in his early years. Eliel work as a disc jockey.  They both helped each other in the early stages of their career.

Eliel Lind Osorio is a reggaeton producer and his partnership with Don Omar has garnered him a lot of fame.

During his early years he worked with a lot of other music artists in the industry.

He also worked as a backup singer for Hector and Tito.

Hector and Tito were one of the most popular reggaeton music duos in Puerto Rico. It was Hector from Hector and Tito who helped Don Omar launch his initial solo album.

Omar released his first album by the name of The Last Don. This album helped him reach new heights of success.

His first studio album won a lot of awards and even got him nominated for a Grammy. It is also considered platinum by Recording Industry association of America.

Don had a decade long rivalry with fellow musician Daddy Yankee. However in 2016 both musicians collaborated with each other.

This shocked the fans and the ticket sale went off the roof. In 2017 Don Omar announced his retirement from music. This saddened his fans a lot.

He then returned back to music in April 2019. Over the course of his career his music has been used in advertisements and movies like Fast and The Furious Franchise.

Don Omar was already very popular in the world however Danza Kudoro boosted his popularity. The fact that it was used in the fast and furious franchise also added value to his music career.

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