5 Diseases You can get From Kissing …

They say when you kiss some one for one minute, you burn 2.6 calories.

And if you found that burning 2.6 calories could sometimes lead you to diseases, then? Common diseases such as flu can be transferred, however there is a possibility that you are contracted by some serious diseases that can cause a health hazard.


Oral herpes, commonly known as blisters in the mouth, is brought about by herpes simplex infection type 1 (HSV-1). As indicated by specialists, it appears to be the common disease spread through kissing. Ladies are said to be more helpless than men to the infection. The danger of transmission is additionally higher in case of wounds in the mouth or around the lips.

Gingivitis is a disease you get from kissing

A gum disease which appears to in the form of inflammation of gums is most commonly referred to as Gingivitis. It is considered to be contracted via passing of infectious saliva of the carrier to the other. By kissing a person who has infectious gums, bacteria or cavity can result in the transmission of bacteria or dental issues to another person. Additionally, in order to play safe and keep your oral hygiene intact one must brush regularly and do flossing. This would help keep away from bacteria.


It is most commonly known as the kissing disease. It is initiated due to the Epstein Barr Virus. Apart from kissing it can be easily contracted via cough, sneezing, toothbrush exchange or using the same glass. The effected would undergo fatigue, fever, swelling of lymph glands, sore throat and decreased appetite.  This infection is believed to be transmitted to people between the ages of 15 to 35.


There is minimal chance of transmitting disease via any sexual activity. However, the risk is greater when it comes to kissing someone. It is marked as the most infectious disease which can later result into blisters in mouth. Bacteria is spread out widely via sores which are round in nature.


Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is an infection in the herpes family. This infection spreads through spit, just as through blood, pee, semen and bosom milk. Like all herpes infections, CMV can stay torpid in the body for significant lots of time, particularly in case you’re solid. In spite of the fact that this infection can contaminate nearly anybody, indications typically show up in those with traded off safe frameworks. Manifestations can incorporate exhaustion, fever, muscle hurts and, in progressively genuine cases, pneumonia, encephalitis, seizures and visual hindrance. While there’s no remedy for CMV, treatment for the infection for the most part isn’t required in solid youngsters and grown-ups.

Therefore, before you go all romantic and let the chemistry work between the couple, ensure your ‘intended’ enjoys good oral hygiene. Healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and attention to bodily cleanliness is a must for all. Don’t rush your dates, get to know the person well and be aware of the signs of the diseases that the ‘not-so-kissable’ mouth may be carrying! Happy Kissing J

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