Diseases Caused by Insects

Insects are capable of causing several diseases inside the bodies of humans. It is because they have the capability of carrying viruses and bacteria inside their bodies.

Insects are also known as the most common disease vectors as they get in contact with humans on most occasions with ease.

Insects can spread the disease either by biting and transferring the germs or through their excrement. It is due to this fact that insects are known as the deadliest living things on the planet. Here a list of disease caused by insects


Most common insects that carry the diseases are mosquitos, ticks, bed bugs, midges, fleas, and flies. But the most common and dangerous vector is the mosquito which carries the deadliest of all diseases for transferring into humans.

Diseases Caused by Insects


The insects can transmit cause diseases either by a mechanical or a biological technique. The following are the most deadly and prevalent diseases cause by insects known to human beings.




Malaria is a fatal disease which is carried by mosquitos that belong to the genus Anopheles. It is highly spread in the tropical along with the sub-tropical parts of the world. It kills about two million people in the world annually. Parasitic Protozoans cause malaria. 

The symptoms of malaria are high fevers, headaches and the urge to vomit shortly. Sometimes, when the case worsens, it can even lead to the death of the individual.

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The best way to keep yourself safe from this disease is to keep all the surrounding areas clean. This can prevent the birth of Mosquitos, which are the deadly carriers of this disease.

You must protect your houses from turning into breeding grounds for the insects. 


Dengue fever


Dengue Fever is also spread by the mosquitos that are infected with the dengue virus. Dengue virus is spread by mosquitos that are reproduced swiftly in stagnant waters. The symptoms of dengue fever include a sharp drop in body temperature, followed by high heat and extreme headache. The symptoms get visible almost three days after the infection is transferred. It should be treated right after it is detected or else it turns into a life-threatening disease forever. 


African Sleeping Sickness


The African Sleeping Sickness is a viral disease, mostly in rural areas. It is caused by humans and other animals by the protozoa of Trypanosoma.

The insect known for carrying it is the tsetse fly. Most people also see this disease as African Trypanosomiasis. This disease is most common in humans and cattle.

The initial symptoms include fever, itchiness and headache. However, soon after its condition gets worse, the patient receives troubled sleep. It is highly suggested to treat the disease in the first stage to avoid complications, which can lead to death. 


Tick-borne Encephalitis


Encephalitis is another terrifying disease which is carried by insects. It is one of the most lethal ones as it targets the brain. It can affect animals along with humans and preys on the central nervous system. Sometimes, animals can also transfer it to humans.

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In severe cases, death usually occurs right after five to six days of the spread of infection inside the brain. 

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