Cure Toenail Fungus with Vinegar in 3 easy steps

Do you ever have those moments that you don’t want to take off your sock for fear of embarrassment?

Toenail Fungus is one of those conditions that can make us embarrassed and self-conscious.

Not to worry.

There are multiples of treating toenail fungus.

One of the little-known ways of treating Toenail Fungus is by using Vinegar. Vinegar is a natural home remedy for treating Toenail Fungus. Its acidic properties dry up Fungus leaving your toenails nice and fresh. Vinegar cures your fungus in a few weeks from when you start your treatment.

However, when combined with a natural intense toenail fungus supplement – the results are much faster.

Here’s how

Follow these 3 easy steps to Cure Toenail Fungus with Vinegar

Treat your legs and feet

Vinegar is a naturally occurring substance. It is a diluted acetic acid with a high acidic PH, meaning it has antifungal properties.

If you have a nasty Toenail fungus that you can’t seem to get rid of, the nature of Vinegar makes it easy to cure itching and pain associated with Toenail Fungus.

Here’s how to treat Toenail Fungus;

  1. Get a Bottle of Vinegar: Although there are different brands of Vinegar, many people use – apple cider, white, or balsamic, etc. For treating Toenail Fungus, any Vinegar will be fine. Its acidic properties make any vinegar perfect for treating toenail Fungus its acidic properties.
  2. Clean your toenail: Cut your nails and clear away excess skin. This helps the Vinegar to get deep into the infected areas. Killing off any remnant of the fungus in your toenails. Know that you may feel pain when cutting the affected toe. And also avoid cutting the toenail too deep. Make sure to sterilize the nail cutter after cleaning.
  3. Fill a bowl with water and Vinegar of equal measures. Soak your foot for 30 minutes twice a day. You may add lavender or tea tree oil into the bowl if the smell of Vinegar becomes too strong. Make sure you apply Vinegar directly to the infected part.
  4. Dry your feet and toenails. Fungus loves moist environments. That’s why you must make sure your feet are completely dry before putting on your sock. Try to always keep your feet dry during the treatment period. Also take proper care of your toenails and maintain great hygiene – cut and groom your toenails.
  5. Don’t be in a haste to see results, it will take some time to get rid of the infected toenails. Moreover, toenails take some time to grow.

If after a few weeks after you started the treatment, the infection gets worse, book an appointment with your doctor.

Prevent Toenail Fungus

Although using Vinegar you can make our Toenails less susceptible to fungi and bacteria – since the acidic environment of your skin makes it inhabitable for fungus and bacteria.

The best way to cure Toenail Fungus is by preventing the development of the infection in the first place.


Here’s how to prevent Fungus on your toenails;

Fungus naturally grows in wet and moist areas, so make sure you keep your feet dry and neat.

  1. One simple way to make sure you don’t get toenail fungus is to wear the appropriate footwear in gym locker rooms and public restrooms. Remember to take off your sock and give your feet a breather, Fungus can grow from dirty and moist socks to your toenails. Also avoid wearing shoes that are too tight – your nails need to breathe.
  2. Treat the athlete’s foot as early as possible. Begin treatment as soon as you see signs of toenail discoloration – yellowing or black. Check your nails for thickening or any sort of pain- no matter how faint.
  3. Use toenail Fungus restoration supplement. Along with your bi-daily Vinegar treatment, these supplements help hasten the process of toenail Fungus eradication. They also help reduce the bacterial population in your body.
  4. Maintain proper hygiene: Clean your Toenails regularly. Soak your feet in Vinegar or other solutions with a high PH. If you notice the toenail Fungus is getting worse, you should seek medical help.

Seek medical help

Toenail Fungus may be a symptom of another problem in your body. Research shows that – most often than not, Toenail Fungus is a sign of compromised immunity. Therefore, you should consult your doctor if the Fungus persists. Early identification and treatment of the underlying cause of the Toenail Fungus, the earlier you have a neat, infection-free toenail.

Here are a few telltale signs of toenail fungus:

  • Thickness and brittleness of toenail
  • Loss of shine of the nail
  • Loosening of the nail
  • Change in the shape of the nail
  • Discoloration of parts of the toenail to black, yellow, or white
  • Dirt trapped under the toenail

If after 2 weeks of trying the Vinegar Toenail Fungus treatment and other natural remedies, and nothing works- the fungus doesn’t go away.

Seek immediate attention if the toenail becomes discolored and becomes deformed. This means the infection is getting worse.

Even worse,

It may be an indication of a compromised immunity or diabetic condition. Without care, it may spread to other parts of your body.

If you have diabetes, check with your doctor to determine the cause of your Toenail Fungus. A proper diagnosis will make sure you receive immediate and prompt treatment for either diabetes or Toenail Fungus treatment.

Your doctor may prescribe a stronger treatment like an antifungal cream and toenail fungus supplement for long term solution.

Ask your doctor questions about other stronger treatments.

Other treatments your doctor may like recommend are:

  • Oral antifungal drugs
  • Antifungal creams
  • Antifungal nail polish
  • Surgery – To remove the toenail, if treatment doesn’t help.


After extended research, many of our clients have attested to the effects of using the toenail Fungus treatment restoration for hasting up the process of treatment. If your toenail treatment is taking longer than usual, we recommend you try out the toenail Fungus supplement. Its probiotic content will reduce fungal and bacterial population in your body.


There many ways to Cure Toenail Fungus. However, Vinegar is one of the most potent and effective Toenail Fungus treatment. It is a natural home remedy that costs you next to nothing to use.

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