Claire Abbott | Net Worth & Career Updated 2020

Claire Abbott Personal Profile

Claire Abbott is one of the most popular social media personalities from Canada. She was born on 22nd January 1998. Her birth city is Ontario, Canada.

She has a very diverse portfolio. She started off as an influencer on Instagram and with time became one of the most influential people on Instagram.

She has also worked as a model and singer. Her singing career isn’t just limited to singing covers of famous songs on YouTube; she has also released a single by the name of Fighter.

How Old Is Claire Abbott?

Claire Abbott was born on January 22nd 1998, so that means as of 2019 she is 21 years old. She is one of many YouTubers who found success and fame at a very young age.

Claire Abbott’s Personal Features

Claire Abbott is 1.65 M tall ( 5 ft 5 inches ) . She has beautiful green eyes  and blonde hair. She has long blonde hair that adds a lot of beauty to her personality. She has a very fit , healthy and attractive body and she used her amazing body to promote herself on social media.

How Did Her Career Start

She started her career as an Instagram model at a young age of 15. She posted photos of her daily life. She quickly gained thousands of followers on Instagram.

Her followers loved her because they could relate to her photos.  However not all her followers were as good as she would’ve liked.

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There were many internet trolls who used to annoy her but she didn’t give any attention to them and only focused on her work. She is a very intelligent young girl who designed her career around what her fans likes the most.

She realized that her fans loved her bikini photos so she started  posting fashion and fitness based content on her social media. She talked about fitness and healthy lifestyle while staying in style.

She got so popular that there was a specific subreddit only for her. Her popularity grew so much that even famous magazines like Maxim wrote a short article on her praising her looks , especially her eyes.

The magazine also talked about her amazing social media accounts. When she released her first song   it got 300000 views on YouTube which was a huge milestone for her.

Everything was going good until suddenly her fans were left with nothing. Her Instagram account was deleted and most of her videos on YouTube were also deleted.

Her fans were really concerned about her. She has previously mentioned that she was suffering from severe depression and borderline bipolar disorder. This made the fans even more concerned about her well being.

Where is Claire Abbot Now ? What Happened To Her?

Known at one time as one of the most influential person on Instagram, Claire Abbott suddenly stopped. After 2017 she hasn’t been that active on her social media profiles. Famous celebrities like Gigi Hadid , Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner all got famous by using Instagram.

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They knew how to use Isntagram to become famous. Claire Abbot was thought as someone who would be following in the footsteps of these Insta famous celebrities. However in 2017 Claire Abbot stopped posting anything on her social media accounts.

She has since then revealed that she wants to become a professional singer and a song writer however she wants to do it all on her own. She wants to start her music career from scratch without using her social media fame.

Claire Abbott’s Net Worth

If Claire Abbott has stuck to YouTube and Instagram then she might have gathered a lot more wealth than she has now. She started her career back in 2012 and her career lasted for around six years. She suddenly vanished from social media in 2017 to pursue her career in music.

It is speculated that her estimated net worth is over $1 Million. It would have been a lot more had she carried on her social media career. She is still young and eyeing a professional music career.

Her music career can also help her earn a lot of money so we might see an increase in her net worth once she launches her professional music career.

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