Child illnesses : Everything You Need To Know

A child is the tender and fresh form of life on the face of this world. Every mother and parent full proud full accept that child is nothing but a lovely gift from the god himself.

Has been such part in the form of life in the world the child state of any human being is more prone to fall off to illness as the immune system of the body and the biological condition is yet to be developed up to a stronger condition.

as being a parent you have probably encountered enough type of infections and cause and also stomach bugs that are making you as an expert but there is also some severe illness that you should know about.

Respiratory syncytial virus

Also known as the RSV this infection is of the airways are the throat line and it is not in Radha serious form,

but if your child is under the age of 2 years or have any type of heart and lung disease or a weak immune system it can easily be proven to be inflammatory it was the lungs and cause pneumonia.

The common symptoms are just like as having a cold with a runny nose or nasal congestion and also cough along with irritability and breathing problems in infants.

Fifth disease

Another form of reliance is known as the fifth disease which is most commonly seen in the kids that are age between 5 to 15 in children it is not quite shown until a very severe state

but a child with sickle cell anemia can easily become very sick from this disease and it can also be serious regarding pregnant women.

Hand foot and mouth disease

This is rather a contagious viral disease that usually isn’t that much office serious 1 in which child under the age of 5 are most likely to get caught by age through The saliva or fluid from blisters and possibly viral shedding through stool.


This disease usually targets the windpipe and the voice box of a child and this is more caused by viruses that can last for even more than a week and the symptoms toward this type of disease is usually that it starts with a certain barky cough and gets usually worse at night.

The wall facing such type of disease the patient should be probably used with a cold mist humidifier for usually run a hot shower and the parents should sit along with the child in the steam the bathroom for 10 minutes as breathing in moist air is always good for the child.

Scarlet fever

This is a bacterial infection that is usually caused by a group a strip it was once considered as a deadly disease but due to the medical improvement and the science,

it is very much easily treatable.

If the child of yours has a sore throat and also there should probably call the doctor and if the first test is positive then it is very much important of a fact that you have to treat it with a round of antibiotics that are suggested by the doctor to prevent there but serious complications towards your child health.

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