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Who is Charlie Zelenoff? 

Charlie Zelenoff is a Russian born American national. He was raised in Los Angeles and has lived his entire life there. He claims to be a professional boxer and has gained attention by many viewers because of this statement.

After a series of YouTube clips promising his skills as a boxer, he is now popularly known as the troll boxer. He maintains that he is a qualified and an undefeated boxer, however, many have seen him fall during matches.

He has now come to be known as a boxer bully. He has drawn negative attention from his viewers as most of his videos contain false information or repulsive content.

He has also claimed to have won the Universal Boxing Championship (UBF) and carries a belt around as evidence. People are sceptical about this claim as there’s not enough proof to verify his victory.

One of the videos shows him boxing against a 16-year-old child which rose a lot of anger amongst his viewers. However, the video proved that he isn’t undefeated as the 16-year-old beat him with ease inside and outside the ring.

Most of his fan base is only there to make fun of him as opposed to treating him like a real boxer.

Some true Charlie Zelenoff fans appreciate his firmness in trying to achieve his goals. There is no doubt that he is determined to be known as the world’s best boxer.


Charlie Zelenoff is of an average height of about 5 feet and 11 inches.


He was born on July 27, 1988, which makes him 31 years old as of 2019.

Charlie Zelenoff Net worth

Deciphering the net worth of Charlie Zelenoff is difficult as there is no obvious value directly attributing to him. Other than being famous for creating YouTube content related to boxing, there is no other official information about him.

From what can be deduced from other websites, his value turns out to be approximately $155,000.

This, however, is not confirmed as different websites have come up with different valuations. The real net worth of Charlie Zelenoff is still unknown.

Charlie Zelenoff Wife

Daria Zelenoff is Charlie Zelenoff’s wife and has been his constant support since the start. They dated for a while before tying the knots and have been inseparable since.

She is the one person who still hopes that Charlie will be successful in his feat of becoming the world’s best boxer.

Charlie Zelenoff once posted a video of him and his wife together celebrating one of his alleged “wins”. Charlie and Daria regularly celebrate all of Charlie’s victories. From the video posted on YouTube, one can say that they seem to be a happy couple.

Professional Record

Charlie Zelenoff claims to have an unbeaten streak of 147-0, whereas there is no official documentation of these winnings. He mostly picks fights in training sessions against amateurs. His first and only official match was against Andrew Hartley in the welterweight division. He was disqualified because of his inability to follow the rules, thus, his official record is listed as 0-1.

His main strategy, in matches that he mostly initiates by paying the other person, is to strike when the other player isn’t ready.

The other player may be fixing his glove or waiting for the match to actually start, that’s when Zelenoff hits them. They’re taken by surprise and before responding to the blow are faced with multiple more strikes from Zelenoff. He then claims that he has won these matches and adds them to his streak.

  •           Zelenoff vs Mayweather

He once challenged Floyd MayweatherSr and the videos available online showed that he was on defense, just jumping around. The match is disappointing to watch as there’s no real fight and they’re just talking gibberish. He was given some lessons by the actual professional that he is highly unlikely to forget.

  •           Zelenoff vs Wilder

Another fight of Charlie Zelenoff that has been documented is against Deontay Wilder. The video shows how Wilder knocks out the boxing bully with only a couple of strikes and is left in a defensive position.

There are a lot of verbal slurs thrown at each other but no actual action is taken by Charlie Zelenoff as he is defeated. Thus, his claim to having 147 winnings and being undefeated leaves us somewhat dumbfounded.

How is it that there is so much resource against his statements, yet he still continues to be firm about his claims? Perhaps Zelenoff is a firm believer and won’t stop at anything to achieve his goal.

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