Chance The Rapper Net Worth & Life & Career

If there is one music form that has taken the world by storm in the last 30 years, it’s rapping. Rapping is a very popular music form especially in the United States of America.

USA is the home base for world-renowned and top rappers. Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, who is professionally known as Chance the Rapper is also one of the finest and very popular American rapper, actor, activist, and singer.

While discussing basic facts and figures about Chance The Rapper, the fans would also be curious to know Chance the Rapper’s net worth as well.


He was born in Chicago, Illinois on April 16, 1993. During his early age, he met President Obama and discussed his passions and aspirations to become a rapper. His source of inspiration was Michael Jackson from his early when he was in grade five.

Professional Career

His music career started officially in December 2011 when he released his first song name “Windows”. Chance’s one of the popular mixed tapes was released in April 2012 which has crossed over the limit of 500,000 downloads in that year only.

In the year 2013, he gave another mix tape to the world which crossed the download record of 1.5million. He has performed at many concerts and award ceremonies endorsed popular brands such as Dockers, Nestle, KitKat and appeared in international magazines as a popular icon.

He launched his campaign in August 2016 to promote his music on the radio.

Award Nominations and Winnings

Bennett has received 7 nominations and won 3 awards out of 7 nominations at the 59Th Annual Grammy Awards, which took place in February 2017.

He was also nominated for an Emmy Award in July 2017 for his popular song “Last Christmas”. He won the NAACP Image Award in 2017 as an outstanding new artist. In 2017 he also won Teen Choice Awards as the ‘choice breakout artist’.

Famous Songs

Although he has given a lot of hits during his journey up to date, some of his famous songs are as follows;

  1. True kinda love
  2. My own thing
  3. The man who has everything
  4. We the people
  5. Need to know

Personal Life

Chance is a proud father of two daughters and his wife is Kristen Corley. His younger brother’s name is Taylor Bennett and he also a rapper. Both of them started rapping together at their cousin’s studio. This is a big reason for their similar rap style.

The Importance Of The Name: Chance The Rapper

Chance has repeatedly said in interviews that he thinks about his name a lot. A lot of people including his dad have called on him to change his name.

His dad even recommended a rap name for Chance i.e. Chance The Artist. However Chance stood tall in all these arguments. He stood by his name and said that he feels proud calling himself the rapper.

He believes that his name isn’t just a name instead it means much more than that.

He feels that attaching “the rapper” to his name makes him more authentic. It represents who he is and he is proud to call himself Chance The Rapper for the rest of his career as well.

Chance the Rapper’s Net worth

According to the authentic analysis, his net worth is nearly $33 million.

He is considered as one of the most humble rappers in the world of music.

Chance does not belong to a rich family and he has got success after he had entered the musical field. Even then, he has managed to stay humble and simple as much as possible.

Although he is an artist, music isn’t the only source of his income. He always says that he never wanted to sell his music. His other sources of income are selling merchandise, touring, endorsing popular brands such as Nike, H&M, etc.

Chance is one of the most humble music professionals. He is always up for helping communities and charities. He is an active member of some charity groups who collect donations for noble causes.

He has donated $1 million to a charitable organization in 2017 who is working for the empowerment of the youth in the fields of arts and crafts, education and leadership.

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