Effective Ways Of Choosing The Best Eyelash Extension Glue

The demand for the eyelash extension glue is increasing day by day. Many companies of lashes glue for eyelash extension revealed in recent years to fulfill the demands. From the bags of eyelash extension glue, finding out the best one is kinda challenging.Observing different sorts of such substances, beginners often get confused!

Many lashes adhesive are not safe for eyes. Without knowing the correct information, it is tough to select the right piece of adhesive. That’s why it’s important to know how to choose the best glue for eyelash extension.

This article will show you some easy and effective ways of picking up the best product shortly. To know how to choose the best eyelash extension glue, read till the rest of this article.

Key Factors To Consider

There are several facts to consider when buying an eyelash adhesive. This article highlights the most important considerable factors so that beginners will be very helpful. Here are the following factors:


Eyelash extension glues dry up depending on the humidity. Some of the glues are suitable for low humidity and some are for high humidity! If you live in a low humidity area, pick up a glue that takes more time to dry up. Because, due to the lake of moisture, glues dry up too fast. A glue that takes a short time to dry up is suitable for high humidity.


Eyelash extension glues are available in different ranges of colors. The transparent color and the black color of glues have a great demand! Ladies with dark eyes can use black color adhesive. Transparent color adhesives are suitable for those ladies who have pale skin or white complexion.

Drying Time

Take a look at the bottle. Notice how long the adhesive takes to dry off completely! Some glues take 1-2 seconds to dry off after application! Some take a bit longer. Based on the texture, they dry within 4-5 seconds. Those who are not expert in attaching eyelash extension should buy that sorts of glue that take longer time to dry. Basically thinner glue dries off quickly.


Check the ingredients. Some of the eyelash extension glues are cause skin irritation. Be sure which ingredients are used. If you have allergenic or sensitive skin, try to use latex-free and formaldehyde-free eyelash extension glues. There are a lot of eyelash adhesive glues. Try to find the best eyelash extension glue that suits your skin as well as your eyes. Your skin of the eyelid may burn otherwise!

Lasting Time

You should buy the adhesive glue knowing durability. Buy an adhesive glue for eyelash extension that lasts long. Sometimes many products lost their durability during packaging or processing. You also need to take care to increase the durability. For long time use, buy a bottle containing a maximum amount of glue. That’s why take a look to check out the millimeters.


Retention is one of the most important factors. Because great retention of glue keeps you free from regular parlor visits and saves time as well. An adhesive glue tends to hold your lashes for two weeks to seven weeks effortlessly. The retention sometimes depends on how well you applied the lashes and how do you maintain the eyelashes.


To keep your lashes long, use glue with the waterproofed feature. If the glues are waterproofed, your eyelash extension glue will be safe and lasts-for long!


If you are not an expert in applying eyelashes, don’t try to use eyelash extension glue at home. It will be better for you to visit the parlor or take help from someone who is an expert in applying eyelashes.

To increase the durability, take care of your glue! After using glue, don’t close the lid until the glue stops running. Clean the nozzle after every use and keep the adhesive on a dry and place with 40% to 60% humidity. The temperature level should be around 20º to 25º Celsius.

Now pick up the right piece of glue and enjoy your eyelashes!

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