Best Android Themes

Recently, Android phones have gained a lot of popularity. This maybe because they are cost effective and have a selection of customisation features to make your experience user friendly.

What is the best android themes?

Before such technological advancements it was really difficult to change things like the colour of your settings menu or make your Play Store dark.

Nowadays, many OEMs support theming of the complete system. There are a wide selection of theme stores and dark modes that affect every app in your phone. This chance to customise helps us in making our phone look the way we want it to.

Apart from this, people still like using different apps to customise their experience. Using wallpaper apps, icon packs, live widgets and wallpaper creators.

Honestly, there is no limit to what you can do from a customisation point of view. For the best android themes, you can use these apps to customise your experience.

9 Best android themes for you

  1. Action Launcher
Action Launcher

This is a very user friendly app with a wide selection of themes. It comes with basic theming elements. It adds a wealth of colour, customizations and unique features so you can quickly and easily make your home screen look the way you want it to.

Its features include: customisable dock search box, adaptive icon support, all pixel launch features, quick theme and many more.

  1. Go Launcher – 3D Parallax Themes & HD Wallpapers
go launcher

It’s a rising popular app that provides 10000+ mobile themes. Its features include: live wallpapers, daily update of wallpapers, transition effects, Dr. Clean (boosts the speed of your phone) and apps management.

  1. Evie Launcher
evie launcher

It is the fastest growing theme app. It provides a smooth home screen with a wide variety of customisation options. Its features include: universal search, quick navigation, custom shortcuts and personalisation (customising layouts, wallpaper, icon size etc).

  1. Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is by far the most used app for customisation. It has a customisable and performance driven home screen that can make the use of your phone very easy.

Other features include: night mode and dark theme, sub-grid positioning, customisable app drawer, backup and restore.

  1. KWGT and KLWP
KWGT and KLWP best android themes

KWGT is a custom widget maker. It has a variety of selections that you can use to customise your widgets. It has support for Google Fit, weather, custom made countdown timers, weather and even has a tasker support for better functionality.

KLWP is a live wallpaper maker, it has an editor that allows you to create a wallpaper any way you see fit. The rest of the features it has are the same as KWGT.

  1. MIUI-ify

This is a unique customisation app. It allows you to have a quick settings menu which comes up from the bottom, instead of coming down from the top.

You can customise it by changing the colours and themes along with the icons themselves, however you see fit.

There are also many other settings you can use in this app. It’s a great change if you are bored of the typical quick settings menu.

  1. Navbar Apps
Navbar Apps

Navbar themes your soft key buttons. It changes colour according to the app you are using. It includes a battery gauge and a variety of images. For future updates, the developer also accepts requests for custom images.

This app however does have some downsides. It doesn’t work with some Huawei phones and the paid version unlocks all the features.

  1. Tapet

Tapet is actually a really cool app that generates wallpapers randomly with many of its patterns. There are approximately a 100 wallpapers to choose from and you can customise the colours to your likability. It also works offline as everything is being generate don your device.

However, the use of this app takes some time to learn. It does not work the way other apps of the same category do, but you can easily learn that.

This app however is great if you want one of a kind wallpapers. The premium version however unlocks all the patterns.

  1. Walli

This is also a different app as it includes random images and artwork from a variety of different artists. This app has a selection of unique stuff. It also features a neat and unique design to help you discover new wallpapers.

All these applications are great and easy to use, if you think we missed some out, feel free to let us know!

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