150cc Scooter Top Speed

150cc scooters are a faster but more convenient option than 50cc which travel at the top speed of 55 mph to 70 mph.

They provide a desired speed better than a 50cc, which means if you want to reach somewhere in comparatively less time,

150cc will provide you a speed faster than 40 mph and the scooter will take less space,

making it easier for you to travel even in the traffic.

Weather matters in terms of speed, it is said that 5-10 mph drops on the breezy days.

If the parking spaces are hard to find, and the traffic drives you crazy, buying a 150cc scooter will help you overcome those problems and save you from a headache.

It is perfect for long straight roads where you can ride easily. It has higher speed capabilities as well as consuming of less fuel. It produces less gas mileage of 70 MPG.

These days you can find many different types of scooters in the market.

Each scooter has its own unique features and design. Some are known for their design while others are known for their speed.

how fast is 150cc scooters ?

Factors affecting the speed

Scooter 150 cc

Weight makes a difference in the speed. If the passenger or the loaded luggage on the scooter is heavy, the scooter might not go on a faster speed.

Things under the seat storage mark a difference in the speed as well. It is said that scooters work great near the sea, as there is more oxygen present which helps in the engine combustion.

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Wind affects the speed of the scooter; the speed slows down during the windy weather. Road conditions affect the speed, the straighter and smoother the path is, the better the scooter will run at a fast speed.

But a rough road with bumps can slow down the speed. 150cc scooter provides an advantage of running on around 97 kmh.

Travelling on Highways

travelling 150CC scooters

Unlike 50cc scooter, 150cc can run on the highway better, but using it on highway is risky because of other heavy and huge transports which want to travel faster.

Taking the scooter on uphill climbs is extremely risky and shouldn’t be in the mind of riders; also using it for more miles on the highway is not ideal as well.

Advantage of size

The scooter and wheel size is better, providing larger wheels than 50cc scooters. It is a faster model that helps overcoming the problem of riding too slowly on the side roads.

It is safer than 50cc scooters. The size is small which makes it easier for people to park in small spaces without struggling. The cost of 150cc ranges in mid-prices, not too expensive nor too cheap.

Advantage of luggage and fuel for 150cc Scooters

150cc scooters travel around 30 kilometres per litre. It takes you quickly to your destination without burning the fuel too much. It is perfect for heading to the city from outside.

Runs perfectly on the flat roads with luggage, which is quiet difficult for the other scooters. You can easily load up your 150cc scooter on a regular basis.

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Maintenance is a must

You might want to keep your scooter well maintained as poor maintenance will lead to running things slowly.

Your scooter might stop in the middle of the road, so it is better you keep lubricating the moving parts and keep a check on the engine, regularly.


No matter how fast your scooter can go, it is very important to drive carefully. You should be aware of your surroundings at all times.

If you want to enjoy a top speed experience on your scooter then it is better to do it in a less crowded area.

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